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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: Breathtaking Beauty, Amazing Sights

There is nothing that can compare with the breathtaking beauty that can be seen when taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

by Rachel Johnson

The Beauty of a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour can really be the highlight of your trip to the Grand Canyon area. You can see more in a thirty minute Grand Canyon helicopter tour than you could walking around the Canyon all day long! It’s almost as if the Grand Canyon was meant to been seen from the air. There is nothing that can compare with the breathtaking beauty that can be seen when taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

There are many helicopter company’s who give tours of the Grand Canyon. Which one you choose to go with is really up to you. Some of the tours are only about twenty-five minutes long and will typically show you one area of the Canyons. This type of tour usually runs right around a hundred dollars, give or take a little. This is a great tour for someone who wants to have the experience of a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, but also wants to take in much of the area from other aspects and likes to sort of lead their own way! The twenty-five minutes in the helicopter will definitely be a bright spot in the trip to the Grand Canyon, and is a wonderful addition to any other plans.

There is usually a Grand Canyon helicopter tour that is a bit longer, usually about an hour, and goes deeper into the Canyon and will show you more than one area. The North Canyon is vastly different than the East Canyon and being able to see the difference from the air is wonderful and nothing short of amazing. This tour usually costs a bit more, in the one hundred and fifty dollar range, but is well worth the extra cash. You’ll see more in this trip than you could in a week spent on the ground, all in the comfort of the aircraft. The sights that you will see are amazing, and you will be left in total awe of the Grand Canyon.

Several of the tour companies also offer a more extensive Grand Canyon helicopter tour that lasts from six to eight hours. On this tour you’ll be flown all over the Grand Canyon and you’ll see spectacular waterfalls and also the contrasting barren desert lands. Then, after taking the awe-inspiring tour you’ll actually land some place and take a hike through the region. On these hikes you are typically led to the foot of waterfalls or other spectacular views. These tours are obviously much more expensive, in the four hundred dollar range, but if you are looking for a guided tour of the Grand Canyon this is definitely the way to go. The mix of the aerial view and then hiking through the land is like none other, and well worth any dollar amount.

No matter what type of Grand Canyon helicopter tour you decide is right for you, you’ll really enjoy yourself. The Grand Canyon is something so amazing and so beautifully different than anything else in the world, and a helicopter tour can only enhance your perspective and magnify it’s beauty.

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