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Green Bay Packer Ticket

"Trying to get a Green Bay Packer ticket is kind of like winning the lottery: it takes a bit of money and a lot of luck."

Nope, the dog won't help you either





Green Bay Packer Ticket
by Joel Jacobson

Mr. Jacobson is a Packer fan, who grew up traumatized by seeing his father wait for years on the infamous LIST and never get a ticket. This motivated him to become a wise ticket hound who knows how to get a Green Bay Packer Ticket.

Scoring your Green Bay Packer Ticket

Trying to get a Green Bay Packer ticket is kind of like winning the lottery: it takes a bit of money and a lot of luck. Difficult it may be, but it is not impossible.

There are several different ways in which you can acquire a Green Bay Packer ticket or two. The first and probably the easiest way is to know someone who has them. I have been to quite a few games with buddies who had tickets, or were willing to sell them to me to go to a game. Am I oversimplifying this a bit? Perhaps, but it is an option. You'd be amazed just by networking around others who enjoy Packer football how you'll be able to get to know others, make new friends, and enjoy a game yourself.

Just taking a cute baby
to the stadium won't work

Another way you can get a hold of a Green Bay Packer ticket is to look into using the paper. There are a lot of people who can not attend EVERY single game. So this is where the wise ticket-hound can sniff out some tickets. Look in the daily and Sunday papers in the classified section under tickets. Either they are from ticket agencies who buy blocks of tickets, or they are from individuals selling their tickets because they can not make it to a particular game.

A lot of taverns, especially here in Wisconsin, have bus trips which include the ride from the bar, beer, food, Green Bay Packer ticket, and a ride home. They can be a lot of fun, and the best part is you don't have to worry about driving home if you've had too much to drink.

Just a quick word of caution here: don't get drunk and stupid at a Packer game. You will loose your ticket (or the season ticket holder will loose their Green Bay Packer ticket for good), you look stupid, and you take away the enjoyment of the game for everyone else. It's just not worth it.

Up until recently, scalping a Green Bay Packer ticket was only legal in Ashwaubenon, which abuts the Lambeau campus. However, scalping is now legal in all parts of the city and scalpers can peddle their tickets wherever they choose for whatever price they choose.
Here are some tips to avoid not being ripped off by scalpers:

Ticket tips

Tips for avoiding counterfeit tickets:

  • Hold the white side of a Packers ticket to the light, and yellow or gold Gs should be visible (as seen above). These watermarks cannot be reproduced by laser printers.
  • Only buy from licensed brokers, or someone you know.
  • Ask the seller to show you a photo ID, compare the photo and physical description, write down the seller's name and address.
  • If tickets are purchased days or weeks before the game, call the Packers ticket office (920-496-5719) to verify the tickets are not stolen.

There are many tours available to those who don't mind paying a premium price for their Green Bay Packer ticket. It's great camaraderie for all Packer Fans, and gives people who have not had a chance to see a Packer game the opportunity to do so.

Probably the least successful ways of getting Green Bay Packer tickets is the good ol' (I should say, bad ol') waiting list. The infamous LIST that anyone can sign up for at the Green Bay Packer Ticket office has approximately 60,000 names on it. Yes, that's 60,000, give or take 10 or 20,000 names. If your name should get to the top, and occasionally names do, you will be eligible to buy the seats that are available from Packer fans that have passed away, or lost their tickets. There are people, like my father for example, who have been on the list for some 20 or 30 some years. He will probably never get any tickets. Many people hold on to them and pass them on from generation to generation. It's a commodity, like a piece of real estate or a stock.

That's what makes the Green Bay Packers organization so unique and special.

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