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Greeting Card Store: A Review of the 3 Best Stores

I’ve shopped for many a greeting card, and these are the best greeting card stores out there today.


Greeting Card Store

by Patrick Austin

The Best Greeting Card Store

When you’re searching for a greeting card, finding the right store is crucial. Picking up a card from any ol’ place could cost you some major points with a loved one or friend.

A good greeting card store needs to have a wide variety of cards that could potentially satisfy a number of customers. The prices shouldn’t too outrageous, though some people might want to spend a little more money on a quality card during the holiday season. The atmosphere should be uplifting and cheerful. The cards should be easy to find. You shouldn’t have to spend an hour looking for the right card (though some people tend to take that long on purpose).

I’ve shopped for many a greeting card, and in my experience, these are the best greeting card stores out there today:

Big Daddy of all Greeting Card Stores: Hallmark

This is the card giant. Hallmark has been around for decades. Why have they been in business so long? Because they are one of the few stores that care about quality. With regards to their selection, they carry a number of greeting cards, holiday cards, personalized cards, etc. If you need a great card, this is the store you should head to. They also offer flowers, ornaments, special collections, and teddy bears.

Online Greeting Card Store:

If you don’t have the time to stop by a Hallmark store, this is a great alternative (especially for internet geeks like myself). This site offers a plethora of greeting cards for every special occasion. They also have ecards for birthdays, life events, and teens. On top of that, they have an invitation feature, astrology news, and ecards in foreign languages. This is a great site for someone seeking variety in the convenience of his or her own home.

Chain Greeting Card Store: Target

Target is a do-all store, similar to Wal-Mart. But they do have a great greeting card store in their mega-departments. They offer a wide variety of cards for every season, holiday, and/or special event. On top of that, their prices are reasonable. If there isn’t a Hallmark in your area and you don’t want to give out your credit card number to an internet store, definitely head to Target.

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