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Hair Removal for Men

"Considering hair removal? For men, the process may invite a fair amount of ridicule from family and friends, especially if you live outside a major metropolitan area."


Hair Removal for Men

by Lance LaHara

Hair Removal For Men: Okay for Modern Vikings?

Considering hair removal? For men, the process may spark a fair amount of ridicule from family and friends, especially if you live outside a major metropolitan area.

But such static is not new. In a translation of 10th-century Old Icelandic sagas I read recently, the Viking treasure hunters reach a large trading port in their journey. As they explore the town, they’re amazed to see men actually paying good money to have their beards scraped off.

Even Arnold Likes the Smooth Look

Times have changed. Nowadays, hair removal for men via shaving or otherwise is accepted at all levels of society. Athletes who eliminate hair from their chests, arms, and even legs will hardly raise a fashionably-trimmed eyebrow. The modern “Metrosexual” concern for personal appearance has banished male body hair from movies and magazines. And even modern Viking types like Arnold Swartzeneggar are reported to be paying to have their backs waxed at exclusive boutiques.

Hair Removal for Men: Temporary and Less Expensive Methods

• Shaving is easy enough and new multi-blade razors make it virtually painless. But the early-onset of five-o’clock shadow and sandpaper skin makes it a high maintenance solution.

• Waxing and “Sugaring” (a gluey paste applied to the skin and stripped off quickly) last longer, but they both take more time and are somewhat more painful than shaving, no matter what the product label says.

• “Epilating,” a sort of rotary tweezing, also lasts longer than shaving. Results are varied and some people (masochists?) say it isn’t that painful.

• Depilatories: These creams work fairly well to remove hair for several weeks. The famous name brand for women now makes a male version, and other companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Because of potential skin irritation, try it on a small area first—a one-inch patch of skin is a good test—before you treat an entire body part.

Hair Removal for Men: More Permanent Methods

If you have back hair, neck hair, excessive chest or facial hair, or other miscellaneous unwanted fur that seems to grow in thicker as age sets in, you may be ready for more permanent hair removal. Men who don’t mind entering personal-care territory usually frequented by women may consider these more serious methods.

“Permanent” hair removal for men via electrolysis:

A century-old method wherein the hair follicles are literally electrocuted one at a time, this method is effective but fairly expensive and time consuming. Both professional treatments and home units are available.

. “Permanent” hair removal for men via laser:

The premium method, reportedly less painful and quicker, but more expensive than electrolysis. Usually performed by a doctor, laser treatment does essentially the same thing as electrolysis, zapping and “killing” the hair follicle. A fairly new method, so long term stats on side effects and effectiveness are not yet in.


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