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Holidays to Egypt

My name is Ozymandias King of Kings,
Look on my works ye mighties and despair...
or take one of those marvellous Holidays to Egypt and marvel.



Holidays to Egypt

by Peter Sylvester

If you enjoy any of those eastern holidays, then perhaps most of all you’ll enjoy holidays to Egypt.

Your stay can be in a bed and breakfast inn, a studio apartment or a swanky luxury hotel - but wherever that is - where else would you expect to see such a rich array of history unfold?

Holidays to Egypt are the places you will see and gaze in wonder at the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Alexandria, Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings…. The list goes on……and on.

Where to get the Best of Holidays to Egypt

Everybody has their favourite spot - but let me tell you of one of the truly wonderful (and less well-known) places to visit on holidays to Egypt.

Holidays to Egypt can encompass a trip from Siwa to Sinai. Your tour will be truly amazing - taking in wilderness and oasis - mountains and deserts. And to add to the mouth-watering scenic delights you’ll visit the important and splendid archaeological sites of Lower Egypt, the Nile Delta and Sinai.

A trip for connoisseur and amateur alike!

An alternative venue would be Egypt’s eastern Arabian desert.

A typical journey would show you one of the least visited but most interesting of ancient Egypt.

You would take in mines and temples, predynastic rock art, inscriptions form the times of the Pharoahs, wadis and dunes and of course the world’s oldest monasteries.

Holidays to Egypt are a sensation!

Traditional Destinations for Holidays to Egypt

From north’s Abu Roash to the Falyum Basin you can tour every major pyramid field.

If you thought the only great pyramids were at Giza - then think again!

Even in famous sites - holidays to Egypt offers surprises.

Or for a traditional site - why not choose the wonderful Nile? Starting from Cairo you run south towards Upper Egypt in classic vein - with, of course, a cruise on the MS Nile Romance. What more could anyone wish for?

And, naturally, there are tours round Cairo itself, Abu Simbel or Alexandria with their Greco-Roman as well as Pharaonic influences.

Holidays to Egypt will be a must to scholar and layman alike.

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Peter Sylvester is a seasoned UK journalist (NUJ 020267) who has worked with BBC Radios 4 and 5 Live, World Service, The Natural History Programme, Today, The Afternoon Shift, Farming Today, On This Day, and more. He produced "Class Five" for Sybil Ruscoe for three years.

Mr. Sylvester has written for such magazines as The Field, My Weekly, The Woodworker, and Radio Times. In previous successful careers, he has been an actor, teacher, and trader of gold, silver, and precious stones. He
lives near Evesham in Cleeve Prior.


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