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Hunting Land for Sale

If you’re scrambling all over the Internet to find hunting land for sale, why not check out 'wild and wonderful' West Virginia?




Hunting Land for Sale

by Dr. John Luton

Hunting Land for Sale? West Virginia certainly has its share!

If you’re scrambling all over the Internet to find hunting land for sale, why not check out “wild and wonderful” West Virginia? They have all the necessary ingredients for bringing avid hunters and prized game together: a bountiful harvest of game and lots of premium woodlands and fields where game can be hunted. So, if you’re in the market for great hunting land, “For Sale” signs can be found all across the state. Let’s check out a few of these parcels because – as you’ll see -- in West Virginia, hunting land for sale can signal an opportunity for a real bargain!

West Virginia – a hunter’s paradise with lots of hunting land for sale!

According to West Virginia Sportsmen, the wild and wonderful state has about 400,000 hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Add to that number the hundreds of thousands of hunters who travel to West Virginia every year -- and you just might get the impression that West Virginia is full of game. And you’d be right!

But there’s also a lot of hunting land for sale – beautiful woods and meadows just waiting for you to explore. So why not let your mouse do a little preliminary click-checking on three great parcels of hunting land for sale in West Virginia. I’ve already done the necessary leg work to find some of the best bargains available.

Bargain Number One – Hunting Land for Sale in Burlington (Mineral County).

30 Acres of Pasture and Woodlands – Located one hour from Winchester, VA, along the scenic Patterson Creek Road. An absolute bargain at only $97,000!

Bargain Number Two – Hunting Land for Sale in Baker (Hardy County)

10 – 20 Acre Tracts of Meadows and Woodlands – Located near Baker, WV, less than one hour from the Western end of Route 66. Many lots have ponds and mountain streams. All provide a scenic mountain view. Marvelous deals from $34,990 to $84,990!

Bargain Number Three – Hunting Land for Sale in (Harrison County)

20 – 30 Acre Land Tracts with pond and creek – Located near Bridgeport, in north-central West Virginia. Great deal at $59,900!

So, as you can certainly see, hunting land for sale in West Virginia can point to one great bargain after another. Which one is right for you?

Happy Hunting!


About the Author: Dr. John W. Luton

Before joining the mass communication faculty at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina, Dr. Luton served as pastor of churches in Maryland and North Carolina for more than 20 years. He is a licensed clinical pastoral counselor with the National Christian Counselors Association and he holds the advanced certification.

Dr. Luton is also the primary author of Mastering Pastoral Counseling Utilizing Temperament, a Phase II course that is offered by the NCCA as part of its national licensure program for pastoral counselors. The course is used in many seminaries and counselor training centers throughout the nation.

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