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Icicle Light: Stunning, Versatile, and Easy to Use Decoration

What’s nice about the icicle light is that it can easily stand alone, or you can use other lighted decorations with them.


Icicle Light

by Rachel Johnson

The Versatile Icicle Light

Decorating your home for the holidays can be a fun and rewarding experience. To make your home really stand out you may have to spend a good deal of time hanging lights and other decorations, which may require a lot of patience. But, you want to make your house look better than the neighbors, so it’s well worth it, right?!

If you want to be sure you stand out, the icicle light is the way to go. The icicle light usually comes in strands eight to twelve feet long. Like normal Christmas lights, they are on one strand, but then off of the strand come evenly spaced “icicles” that look beautiful when hung correctly. If you have an angled roofline the icicle light can really look stunning. Obviously, if you’re in a contest to out light someone, the icicle light is just a start, but it is a classy start and you won’t be accused of just throwing up some lights to look festive.

Not only is the icicle light beautiful, but it is also modestly priced where holiday decorations are concerned. Usually, a strand of the lights runs about five to ten dollars per strand. If you shop early, you can often get them at an even better price. Or, if you shop after the holiday season you may be able to get them at a deeply discounted price. If you’re big into lighting your house and yard for the holidays you’ll get in the habit of shopping really early and really late for great prices on decorations.

Now, I mentioned hanging your icicle light strands correctly. Don’t you just hate it when you drive by a house and the lights are sagging, burnt out, and just badly hung? It almost makes you wish they wouldn’t have bothered, right? So, don’t hang lights like that! Attempt to hang your lights when you are in the mood to do so, and make sure that’s during the day when you can see what you’re doing!

You’ll want to start with one end of the strand, preferably where the roofline begins. Using staples, nails, or the cool new roof clips available, you’ll want to attach the end to the roof. Pulling the strand gently to be sure there is no slack each time you staple, nail, or clip the strand will help to keep the strand from sagging. You’ll work along the roof in this manner, connecting more icicle light strands if needed, until you come to the other edge of the roof. The icicle part of the lights should hang freely, but the main strand should not move about at all. Once you’ve hung them, you’ll want to connect an extension cord and then plug it in! Ta-da! You’ve just correctly used a strand (or two or three or four) of the beautiful icicle light!

What’s nice about the icicle light is that it can easily stand alone, or you can use other lighted decorations with them. It’s really up to you, but either way, the neighbors will envy your beautiful display!


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