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Ireland Golf Vacation: Heavenly Golf in the Land of the Celts

Considering an Ireland golf vacation? If the ancient Celtic gods played Heavenly golf, Ireland would have been their course of choice.



Ireland Golf Vacation

by Dr. Lance LaHara

Get Started on Making Your Ireland Golf Vacation
Dream Come True

Considering a Scotland or Ireland golf vacation? Golf in Scotland is historic and scenic, but if the ancient Celtic gods played Heavenly golf, Ireland would have been their course of choice. The Emerald Isle boasts the most beautiful natural green on earth and is the perfect place to bring the family on an “old country” cultural adventure.

Scenic and challenging courses abound, and the craic (delightful conversation with the natives) is always good!


Dublin: the Portmarnock Hotel & Golf Links on the north side of the city is one of several championship courses near the historic and scenic capital. Non-golfers can haunt the literary shrines and all can enjoy the nightlife.


The Tralee Golf Club, at the gateway to the Ring of Kerry, which boasts the most gorgeous scenery in Ireland. Waterville, a dream course, is at the end of the peninsula. The non-golfers won’t miss you as they shop and gawk.

Ballybunion, a fine course at the entrance to Dingle Peninsula, a trip back to old Ireland’s westernmost point. The people speak the old Gaelic and the roads are lined with Fuchsia and tropical plants. Bring your umbrella and camera and plan to stay longer than you thought you would.


An embarrassment of golf riches: Rosses Point, County Sligo, Donegal, Enniscrone, Carne, Connemara, and more along the west coast offer remote yet world class courses.

Don’t miss the cliffs of Moher as you jaunt between courses.


Belfast and Northern Ireland. You’re in a different country now---Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom--- but the hospitality is still all-Irish charm. Northern Ireland is calm now---no need to worry about the IRA commandeering the clubhouse! Some highlight courses include the Aberdelghy near Belfast, the beautiful Amelia Earhart Perpetual Open Foyle Golf Centre near the historic walled city of Londonderry (or Derry to the Catholic residents), scenic Ardglass, and Ballyclare, a great natural course.

The above are just a sampling of the many courses of Ireland’s beautiful countryside you can include in your Ireland Golf Vacation. A wee bit of web search will provide much more information on even more courses.


If you’d like a hassle-free, golf-intensive vacation, there are many tour operators dedicated to golf. With pricing from old Irish-thrifty to premium luxury, you can plan ahead with Ireland golf vacation professionals dedicated to golf as a way of life and leisure. Click out the package tour sites on the web and start comparison shopping!


You can chart your own Ireland golf vacation course and tour the country from the historic east to the rural scenic west, teeing off daily while your family delights in beautiful countryside and historic cityscapes.

Start in the East and make Dublin your home base, then drive south, golfing in Watertown. Turn west to Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula, rural Ireland at its most gorgeous and hospitable. Head north through Londonderry, the Giant’s Causeway country, and on to Belfast, a world-class city, yet off the beaten tourist path, golfing all the way. And From Belfast, you can take a two-hour ferry crossing of the Irish Sea and continue your golf vacation in Scotland where it all began <Link to Lance’s Scotland Golf Vacation>

Whatever your itinerary and travel style, your Ireland golf vacation will be a magic time you and your family or friends will remember always!

Lance LaHara writes unique opinion pieces on life topics for His formal education was literature and anthropology, but his real world background is civil rights and intercultural communication.


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