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Key West Discount Hotel

"The better the Key West Discount Hotel deal you get the more you’ve got for the rest of your stay in Paradise."





Key West Discount Hotel

by Steve Theunissen

Key West, the western most of the Florida Keys, sits like a Jewel in the ocean. It has the perfect climate, the perfect scenery and the perfect lifestyle. All that’s missing is you. Want to do something about that – then you are clearly in need of someone to point you to a Key West Discount Hotel. After all, the better the Key West Discount Hotel deal you get the more you’ve got for the rest of your stay in Paradise. Once you’ve found the right Key West discount hotel, then, you’re ready to start planning your Key West itinerary. So, what exactly is there to do on a Key West vacation?

Key West Diving

Key West offers some fantastic opportunities for deep wreck and outer reef scuba diving. There are plenty of scuba diving companies that will fully outfit you and provide you with an expert crew to dive alongside. Explore sunken wrecks like the Caymen Salvager and the Joes Tug while marveling at the schools of Grunt, Bar Jack and Jewfish that you’ll encounter. You can also complete an open certification course allowing you to dive anywhere in the world. Or if you just want to spend one day diving, set off early from your Key West discount hotel, have a lesson in a pool and then take 2 one hour dives at the beautiful coral reef just off the Keys.

Key West Dolphin Tours

A 3.5 trip that takes you to encounter (and swim with) dolphins in the wild, or simply marvel at them from the glass bottom boat. Your glass bottom boat tour will also encounter ship wrecks, stingrays, sponge gardens and patch reefs. If you head out from your Key West discount hotel early, you’ll be able to catch the breakfast tour. This includes complimentary beer, wine and fresh fruit as you pick up shells at a beautiful remote sand bar. Or opt for the last tour of the day and enjoy the impeccable views of a sunset cruise.

Key West Back Country Safari

The Key West National Wildlife Refuge is home to over 250 species of bird and is comprised of mangroves, beaches and salt ponds. The Refuge is only accessible by boat and full day tours depart each day. Again, leave early from your Key West discount hotel to take full advantage of the snorkeling , kayaking or just relaxing on the remote beaches of the refuge. Bring your camera for some great wildlife shots. Most tours include lunch, drinks and snorkeling gear.

Key West ParaSailing

For a completely different perspective on Key West, check out parasailing. You can parasail solo or in tandem and get a view of the island from 600 feet overhead. Parasailing excursion companies set off on a boat and allow for take off and landing right on the vessel. All ages can enjoy this activity with rides scaled from mild to wild.

These are just a sampling of the activities you’ll be able to enjoy once you’re booked in to your Key West discount hotel. Your Key West discount hotel concierge will be able to direct you to the local operators and arrange booking for you.


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