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Ladies Workout Express

"Ladies Workout Express is the smart way for women to get in the best shape of their lives and stay there."





Ladies Workout Express

by Steve Theunissen

Feeling flabby? Out of shape? Has your get up and go got up and left? Sure, you could fork out for a membership at the local gym. If you enjoy being ogled by testosterone enhanced muscle freaks, you’ll probably fit right in. And who knows, you might even stick it out for a month before you write it off as another failed attempt to reclaim your body. OR, you could get smart and make a beeline for your latest Ladies Workout Express.

What is Ladies Workout Express, you’re wondering. Well, think of it as the revenge of the weaker sex (yeah right!). Remember those stodgy mens clubs where pathetic old geezers would sit around and pontificate about how successful they were? Remember how they reveled in the fact that women were not allowed. Well, Ladies Workout Express is our way of saying ‘up yours, mista.’ That’s right ladies. Workout Express is a male free zone. No sweaty, stinking, heavy breathing ape trying to get a free shot down your t-shirt. No pathetic chat up lines in the cardio room. And definitely no semi buffed showboat trying to impress with a double lat spread in the weight room mirror (well, you can’t have it all).

Ladies Workout Express is the smart way for women to get in the best shape of their lives and stay there. So, what can Ladies Workout Express do for you? Well, for starters the patented Ladies Workout Express 30 minute circuit training center provides a highly specialized workout environment for women. It is designed to help them achieve their fitness goals by creating a more personalized workout environment.

No mass production meat market here, ladies. Workout Express will treat you with the individual care and attention that you’d expect from a professional female organization. No intimidating environment to disconcert you.

The Ladies Workout Express 30 minute circuit training center is all about providing maximum results in minimum time. The workout uses resistance training on a 20 station circuit of hydraulic machines and cardiovascular exercise on aerobic stations. The program is specifically designed to keep the heart rate high enough to enable you to expend 600 calories during the 30 minute workout. That’s a lot of stored fat being burned off your hips and waist, ladies. Workout Express deliver on what their name promises – an express workout that works.

Another innovation at Ladies Workout Express is the installation of the FitTeen Program. This program offers a 50% membership discount to all girls between the ages of 13 and 19 years who join Ladies Workout Express, provided they work out with their moms. Now, that’s a smart idea. Mom and daughter exercising together is not only tackling the huge problem of adolescent obesity but it’s also providing some quality bonding time during a very difficult period of development. And, of course, Ladies Workout Express FitTeen instructors will be right alongside to encourage, motivate and educate teens about the benefits of exercise and health.

So, ladies – if you’ve decided it’s time to finally get serious about getting in shape, who you gonna call? Ladies Workout Express! Why - because your body deserves the best.

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