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Lion King San Francisco

"This is a journey we all must take at some point along life's great wheel, becoming king or queen, as it were, of our own domain-but how exciting to be able to say you're the Lion King, San Francisco!"


Lion King
San Francisco

by Amara Rose

Lion King San Francisco: A Magical Show In a Magical Town!

The Lion King is the Classic Hero's Journey Tale

It's the classic Hero's Journey: ousted from the kingdom, Simba roams the world with happy-go-lucky new friends, ignoring his destiny until he can ignore it no longer. Knowing he is meant to become the Lion King, he returns to the Pride Lands and takes his rightful place among them as leader, in the Circle of Life (made famous in the tune sung by Elton John, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?") This is a journey we all must take at some point along life's great wheel, becoming king or queen, as it were, of our own omain-but how exciting to be able to say you're the Lion King, San Francisco!

Lion King Reminds Me Of A Show Called, "Queen for A Day"

In a way, the Lion King reminds me of an old TV game show, in which less than fortunate women had a chance to win prizes they really needed, such as a new washing machine (this must have been in the very early days of television, when housewives were still glorified.) The show was called "Queen for A Day." Wonder what the prizes would have been if the show had featured men, and been called, "King for A Day"?

Men Want to Be King Of All They Survey

Trouble is, men don't want to settle for being king for a day. They want to be the king all the time. The lion of the house. The lion of the workplace. The lion. The king. The lion king! And how superb to be the lion king of the Golden Gate, the lion king San Francisco! I'm being a trifle facetious here, but you can see why the show is a hit with men, women and kids of all ages.

The Lion King Is A Great Excuse for A Trip to San Francisco!

If you do have children, it's a good excuse to go see a heartwarming performance with an all-star cast and award-winning music, with no questionable language, that the whole family can enjoy. And there are so many advantages to seeing it on the glorious West Coast. If you don't already live there, it's a reason to take a trip to San Francisco (as if you needed one!) As soon as you tell your coworkers you're off to see The Lion King, San Francisco, they'll be envious. California, here you come!

After Seeing Lion King, San Francisco Offers A Wealth of Other Attractions

So let's assume you've already reserved those sought-after tickets to see the Lion King. San Francisco itself is the next step in your planning. Where will you stay? What attractions do you want to see, outside of the theatre? There's Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the famous San Francisco Zoo, where you can see real lion kings any day of the week.

Digital Photos Will Keep Your San Francisco Memories Fresh

On the flight home, your kids will no doubt be talking non-stop about the Lion King. San Francisco will be fading into the sunset as you contemplate the work awaiting you back East. But hey, it was a fabulous trip to California, and your San Francisco memories will return once you get those digital photos into your laptop and send them to all the relatives.

"We saw the Lion King-San Francisco!" you can casually note in your e-mail. And you'll remember the story line for a long time to come, as you take your own place in the Circle of Life.

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