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City Guides: Local Information, Tips, and Reviews from Cities Around the World

Pulse Media International ( doesn't want to be U.S.-centric!

We add more international information as more of the world comes online and searches for it.






International City Guides

  • United States
    • Hawaii - Hawaii beach vacations, oahu travel, Aloha and Hawaiian airlines, cheap honolulu hotels, discount hotels, beach front rentals, snorkeling, whale watching, helicopter tours, and more.
    • Las Vegas - Sin city's discount hotel rooms, the Palm Hotel, the Paris Casino, Treasure Island, Flamingo Hotel, yes, even Chapter 7 lawyers, and more.
    • Los Angeles - Restaurants, cosmetic surgery, day spas, salons, discount hotels, acupuncture, colocation, and more.
    • North Carolina - Real estate and realtors, houses for sale, rental property, hotels, bed breakfast inns, ski resorts, Tar heel tickets, boats for sale, and more; includes among other cities, Charlotte, Raleigh, and the Outer Banks.
    • Ohio Cities - Restaurants, real estate, rental property, web design, trailer sales, and more.
    • San Francisco - Cheap hotels, real estate agents, rentals, apartment hunting, limousines, toy stores, music box company, restaurants, and more.
    • Texas Cities - This one covers Arlington, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, Galveston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and more; hotels, restaurants, apartments, homes for sale, home builders, salons, beauty salons, day spas, sporting goods stores, tooth whitening, and more.
    • Angel Fire New Mexico - Want more excitement out of Angel Fire, New Mexico?
  • Australia, New Zealand
  • UK
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