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Luxury Hotels England

You can experience so many wonderful luxury hotels. England has a host in London - but there are a number dotted throughout the country.




Luxury Hotels England

by Peter Sylvester


If you desire the frisson of true elegance - the knowledge that you are part of the true aristocratic tradition - then you will love luxury hotels England.

Because there are so many luxury hotels, England perhaps having the greatest historical choice anywhere, I have chosen three for your consideration.

The examples range from the cutting-edge luxury of London to a fascinating thirteenth century fortress set on the banks of the River Esk near Edinburgh.


One Aldwych is one of the newest luxury hotels England has to offer. Forget for a moment the Ritz - indeed all those super traditional London hotels - and concentrate on a hotel where it is buzzing, exciting, chic.

One Aldwych has - in addition to superb service, fresh fruit and flowers delivered daily and an excellent central location in Covent Garden - an original art collection and technology of the highest order.

Multi-line facility with three phones, broadband internet connection, CNN and satellite TV, personalized fax and phones - the list is huge.


Now let us move to the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath. Set in Europe’s finest crescent the Royal was built by John Wood the Younger himself.

It is a Grade One building - but despite the retention of all its architectural glory - it is hi-tech yet gives you an opportunity to experience a style of gracious living from Bath when the town was the very centre of the civilized world.

Luxury Hotels England at their very best.


There is a traditional warm Scottish welcome when you arrive in the picturesque countryside of Southern Scotland.

You can relax in the Aqueous Spa, enjoy a drink from the ‘secret bar’ next to the open fire, or enjoy the exceptional cuisine in the ancient barrel-vaulted dungeon!

Warlike history has given way to true luxury. Why not set the seal on your stay by enjoying Falconry - once the sport of kings - but now a thrilling experience set against the backdrop of the Castle walls.


You can experience so many wonderful luxury hotels. England has a host in London - but there are a number dotted throughout the country.

You know your money will not only be well spent - but the experience will live with you forever.



Peter Sylvester is a seasoned UK journalist (NUJ 020267) who has worked with BBC Radios 4 and 5 Live, World Service, The Natural History Programme, Today, The Afternoon Shift, Farming Today, On This Day, and more. He produced "Class Five" for Sybil Ruscoe for three years.

Mr. Sylvester has written for such magazines as The Field, My Weekly, The Woodworker, and Radio Times. In previous successful careers, he has been an actor, teacher, and trader of gold, silver, and precious stones. He
lives near Evesham in Cleeve Prior.


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