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Martini Recipe: Fun Finding One or Making Your Own

Playing around until with the ingredients until you have found the perfect martini recipe can be half of the fun.


Martini Recipe

by Rachel Johnson

Mmmm! A Tasty Martini Recipe!

A good martini recipe can make the party! Most everyone who enjoys a good martini has their own favorite recipe, or at the very least, a favorite restaurant that has their own fabulous martini recipe! Playing around until with the ingredients until you have found the perfect martini recipe can be half of the fun.

The main ingredients for a martini are pretty simple, actually. Gin or Vodka is all you really need; depending on if you want a gin or vodka martini! Vermouth is often added, as well as just about any type of garnish you can think of. Recently, flavored martinis have become the craze with flavors like apple, raspberry, strawberry, and even chocolate! Yum! This new martini recipe trend usually just contains flavored vodka, or flavoring is added to the vodka or gin.

If you absolutely love a famous restaurant's martini recipe and they won’t give it to you, chances are you can search the Internet and find someone who has found the recipe so you can make it at home for much cheaper! Now, you can have the fabulous taste at home where you can drink for about half of the price! Woo-hoo!

If you are in search of a great martini recipe a fun idea is to have all your friends over for a martini party! Have each friend bring their recipe, ingredients, and then you can all share your creations with one another! If you have enough friends, you are sure to find something you love! If you’d rather not have the whole party thing, search the Internet. There are tons of websites that have recipe after recipe for you to try! Imagine that, other martini lovers sharing their recipes! By searching the Internet, you’ll have enough recipes to keep you drinking martinis for a couple years!

Searching the bookstore for a book full of great martini ideas isn’t a bad idea, either. With the popularity of the martini right now, you’re sure to find some great things there, too. Although, it may be hard to find a book that caters to just martinis and not a whole variety of drinks. And, doesn’t sitting around trying your friend’s drinks sound like a much better idea than browsing the bookstore! A martini party sounds awesome, admit it!

So, if you haven’t found the perfect martini recipe get out there and have a party, search the Internet, or get to the bookstore!


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