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Get a Massage, Houston! Soothing Therapy for Sore Muscles

If you want a style of massage, Houston probably has someone who specializes in it!


Massage, Houston

by Rachel Johnson

Do you muscles ever feel like they are just screaming out in pain? Mine do! Sometimes, after a lot of activity, I feel much older than I really am. Every time I move, my muscles seem to scream out in pain! Of course, my mind is screaming out the word massage. Houston is fully of great massage centers, and it just so happens that I live in Houston! Lucky me!

There are day spas that specialize in massage techniques which is great for people like myself who often suffer from sore muscles. There isn’t anything a doctor can do for you when your muscles are just sore from activity, but there is a lot that can be accomplished from a great massage. Houston has many different massage techniques available to the consumer so it’s all a matter of what you’d like to try.

There are chiropractors, massage technicians, holistic massage artists and so many others who are looking to help you out! You can choose between a traditional or Swedish type massage which is a general kneading and stroking massage used to alleviate soreness, Reiki massage which is said to help alleviate emotional problems that manifest as physical ones, Myotherapy which is a trigger point therapy that helps relieve pain caused by a problem with muscles or nerves, Craniosacral Therapy which has proven to help with migraines, neck, back, and shoulder problems, Shiatsu which is a pressure point massage therapy, Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage which is a deep focused type massage.

If none of the above work for you there is also Thai Massage which is almost like assisted yoga, Tuina which is a Chinese form of massage, Manual Lymph Drainage in which the therapist drains pockets of excess water, drainage, or toxins, Acupressure which is thought of as acupuncture without needles, Aromatherapy which is the use of scents, Watsu which is Shiatsu with the benefit of buoyancy from the water, Reflexology focuses on the well being of the hands and feet to align the rest of the body, and Pohaku or Hot Stone therapy that uses heated river rocks to carry warmth into the muscles. As you can see, there are many forms of massage, and if they are done correctly they can all benefit someone with sore, aching muscles as well as a lot of other problems. If you know of the massage, Houston probably has someone who specializes in it!

If you are looking for a specific form of massage, Houston has people who are certified to assist you with it! All over Houston are thousands of certified, knowledgeable therapists who can really help you. If you don’t know what form of massage would best suit you and your specific needs, find a therapist who can do several forms of massage and ask for help.

Because sore and tired muscles can lead to other, more serious problems you should get it taken care of right away. In short, get a massage, Houston!


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