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Mother of Pearl: Beauty from Irritation

Mother of pearl emerges from struggle, a shimmering reminder of our inner radiance, even if we appear to have a crusty outer shell.



Mother of Pearl

by Amara Rose

Mother of Pearl: Beauty From Irritation

While both saltwater pearls and their more common cousins, freshwater pearls, are prized the world over as symbols of feminine beauty, the way they're created carries a useful teaching for us all. Mother of Pearl and pearl come from shellfish—mollusks and oysters, respectively—and form from an irritation to the host's lining, usually caused by a parasite or sand. In an attempt to protect itself, the mollusk secretes layers of calcium carbonate and a substance known as conchiolin, and a stunning, iridescent gem that delights the hearts of women of all ages is the result.

Mother of Pearl Is Prized for Its Iridescence

Unexpected value and grace developing out of difficulty is a potent message for our time. Mother of Pearl emerges from struggle, a shimmering reminder of our inner radiance, even if we appear to have a crusty outer shell. In fact, the pearl's actual "mother"
is the living mussel that "births" its creation.

Pearl is Singular Among Gemstones

No doubt about it: there's a certain cachet to pearl that no other gemstone save perhaps the diamond can match. Sterling silver makes an elegant chain, peridot is pretty, malachite's many green hues invite one into a secret forest. Onyx holds mystery, the glowing reds of carnelian, coral and bloodstone draw us into primal awareness, amethyst opens the crown chakra. But Mother of Pearl expands beyond the mineral queendom, welcoming the feminine spirit as a form of initiation.

A Mother of Pearl Necklace Might Be A Family Heirloom

I remember when my mother passed her rmother's pearl necklace on to me. I was thrilled to be the new bearer of a family heirloom. Unlike some jewelry that appears dated and worn with age, Mother of Pearl only increases in perceived as well as actual value. To have a mother of pearl necklace in the family for generations is to possess the key to a sacred sisterhood.

Black Mother of Pearl Helps Us Appreciate Our Dark Side

Black Mother of Pearl is especially prized for its rarity, again a metaphor for spiritual seekers. When we're willing to look at the dark side—within ourselves, and in others—and to perceive the beauty in the darkness, we are, in truth, finding our "Mother of Pearl." The iridescence is always there, waiting for transformation to take place from inside one's protective shell, giving us a new shape and substance.

My Friend's Mother, Pearl, Is A Gem

One of my oldest friends is the daughter of pearl; Pearl is her mother's name, and, of course, my friend's grandmother was the Mother of Pearl. Pearl is a quintessential mother, who has always been expansive in loving her children. When I picture Mother of Pearl, I see my friend's mom: benevolent, generous, open-hearted.

So before you buy Mother of Pearl, consider the wisdom this gemstone imparts, which money can't buy. May you graciously receive the gifts Mother of Pearl holds in store for you, and discover your own "pearl of great price."

Amara Rose offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes/CDs, e-courses, play shops, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, What Shines. She's also a "business alchemist" who has word smithed everything from white papers to web content. For more Amara, visit or e-mail

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