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Mustang Body Kit: Improve Performance and Make Your Stang Unique


The question - why get a mustang body kit - is as silly as asking why lift your truck or wear jewelry. If you have to ask, then never mind.






Mustang Body Kit

by Steve Unwin

Finding the Right Mustang Body Kit

There are body kits available for just about every make and model car there is and Ford Mustangs are no exception. The question “why get a mustang body kit” is as silly as asking why lift your truck or wear jewelry. If you have to ask, then never mind. We do it because it dresses up the car to suit our tastes, makes our mustang unique among the countless others on the road, and in some cases gives some improved performance.

If you do a search on “mustang body kit” you’ll find a lot of pages but not too many answers. In this article I’ll try to clear up some of the confusion, and hopefully get you pointed in the right direction.

First of all, a Mustang body kit can include any assortment of spoilers, hood cowls, air dams and parts. You can buy them each individually or in a kit. Not all mustang body kits are the same so be informed when you are comparing options. Here is a list of the common kit components

  • Spoiler-mounts to the top of the trunk or end of the hatch window and has an aerodynamic effect which reduces drag. Also known as a wing
  • Ground effects- mount to the lower portions of the car below the bumper level. These include the following
    • Air dam- mounts underneath the front bumper and channels flow of air into the radiator to improve cooling to the car
    • Side skirts- mount between the front and rear tires underneath the door sill. Purely cosmetic, but looks cool
    • Rear valence- mount underneath the rear bumper and enhances the look of other ground effects
  • Hood scoop- mounts to hood, can be a performance addition if air is routed to intake, or can be purely decorative. Also known as cowl induction
  • Window scoops- purely decorative yet attractive, they mount on the side of the car behind the rear windows

Mustang body kits can be bought at your local performance auto store but my personal preference is They have good service, reasonable prices and a good selection.

Good names in the business are Xenon, ATS, and Vis Racing among many others. My personal preference is Xenon, but you go ahead and choose what you like the best. I hope this helped.


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