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Napa Auto Part Store

Napa Auto Part Store
by Kenneth Watkins

Growing up as a child I would watch my dad work on his car. New auto parts would  line the garage floor. But what I always remembered about working  with him  was his Napa Auto Part hat. This hat had so much grease on it sometimes it was  hard to make out the Napa logo on it.

Dad would always take me with him when we picked up auto parts from  the  store. He would always tell me one day you will have a Napa  hat too. I just  smiled and thought no way am I going to wear a  hat like that.

Now I have a son and  what am I doing. Visiting the same Napa auto part  store that  I visited when I was young. Guess it runs in cycles. But a lot has  changed now.

Service centers dot the landscape that only use genuine Napa parts.

From hoses to engines they have it all. But what is really great about their website is you can search parts through a certain job. In other words if your doing a heater core replacement it will take you right to those parts instead of having to search for each individual part. Just check the part you want and you're there.

They have everything for your car and at great prices. Now there's a  whole lot more now though. You have the ability to search for auto parts online for any make or model. Napa has really come  along way. Their web site also has guides to help you understand  about car repair.

From hoses to engines they have it all. Now Napa has moved made its move to Nascar. Napa sponsors the #15 Monte Carlo of Michael Waltrip. This gives Napa great brand awareness and helps Napa become the main player in the auto parts industry

So now with an online  site Napa has everything it needs to excel into the  next century.  Yes they still sell those Napa auto part hat. Just like 30 years  ago when I visited the local Napa store you are greeted and treated  like a  friend. Napa prides itself on individual services. You won't be  a number here. Your a friend first and than a customer. Just like it should be.

Auto part stores could  follow their lead. As my son has seen this tradition  will continue  to be passed down from generation to generation. Just like my dad  did for me I'm doing for my son.

He  has his own Napa auto part hat. Grease is not included though.  Hopefully he will be able to pass the torch just like my dad did for me.

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Kenneth Watkins has been a professional freelancer for a decade. In his spare time he writes poetry.

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