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Niagara Falls Canada Hotels

Any of the great Niagara Falls, Canada hotels will allow excellent night-time views of the floodlit waters.


Niagara Falls Canada Hotels

by Shari Bookstaff

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! In Niagara Falls, water is the big tourist attraction. In Niagara Falls, Canada, hotels can be found that overlook this magnificent natural wonder. Niagara Falls, Canada, belongs to a section of the Niagara River that carries water from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, two of the five Great Lakes. As glaciers retreated a mere 10,000 years ago, waters from Lake Erie were diverted north to Lake Ontario. Variations in water level between the two lakes cause the waterfall.

The American Side

The Niagara River leads into the waterfall, which is divided into two sections by Goat Island, a tiny piece of land, covered with trees and constantly sprayed by the cascading water. On one side lies the American Falls, 30 meters (98 feet) wide, with water crashing over a 52-meter (172-foot) cliff. Providing a corridor between the US and Canada, Rainbow Bridge offers panoramic views of both the American and Canadian sections of Niagara Falls. Several Niagara Falls, Canada hotels will offer these fabulous views.

The Canadian Side—More Adventure

The larger section of these great falls is on the Canadian Side. Many of the Niagara Falls, Canada hotels will offer fantastic views of these water works. The immense Horseshoe Falls are much larger than the American Falls, at 800 meters (2625 feet) wide, and 50 meters (164 feet) high. For an up close, personal, and very wet look at Niagara Falls, the Maid of the Mist Boat Trip comes highly recommended. This ride takes you to the foot of the falls, close enough for a quick, soggy voyage. The boat leaves near Clifton Hill, traveling upriver towards Niagara Falls, where you can experience the thrill of a lifetime. This exciting journey will add a lot of memories to your photo album of Niagara Falls, Canada. Hotels in the area will have reservation information.

For the Weak-at-Heart: a Little Less Adventure

For those who melt when wet, try viewing Niagara Falls from one of the towers, Skylon Tower or The Minolta Tower, both sporting observation decks, giving visitors panoramic view of the area. Skylon Tower, also open at night, or any of the great Niagara Falls, Canada hotels will allow excellent night-time views of the floodlit waters.

For the Indiana Jones-Type: Greater Adventure!

Leave the Niagara Falls Canada hotels behind—go out and get wet! Don’t worry—going over Niagara Falls in a barrel was outlawed in 1912. If you are in pursuit of the great adventure, here are a couple of attractions for you. In Journey Behind the Falls, an elevator takes you down to an observation deck for a view of a solid wall of water. Another natural wonder about 4.5 kilometers (3 miles) downstream from Niagara Falls, the Niagara River takes a sharp turn. As the wall of rushing water hits the wall of the canyon and is forced to turn in the opposite direction, a vast whirlpool is formed. The Whirlpool Basin in the Niagara Gorge can best be viewed from above. The Whirlpool (Spanish) Aerocar, in operation since 1916, gives you the best aerial view of the gorge. In Niagara Falls, Canada, hotels will have information of this and many other adventures for thrill-seekers.


Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.


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