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Online Social Science Degree


"An online social science degree program will enable you to spend your valuable time efficiently - on your studies, not driving back and forth to campus!"




Online Social Science Degree
by Dr. John Luton

Do you want to earn an online social science degree?

Well, you've certainly come to the right place to check out the benefits of online study - especially in the social sciences.

First, let me assure you that I'm a true believe in distance education. An Internet delivery system is great whether you're studying for an online social science degree (That's you!), or you want to use online technology to complete a Ph. D. in intercultural communication (That's me!).

What's so great about online study?

Okay, I can see I've got a real critical thinker on my hands. That's good too, because you're probably someone who approaches an important decision like college with good sound reasoning. If so, you're bound to see a multitude of benefits from a distance learning program leading to an online social science degree.

Let me share three benefits that I've experienced - just to get you started:

1) An online social science degree program will enable you to spend your valuable time efficiently - on your studies, not driving back and forth to campus!

When I was working on my Ph. D., I lived more than 50 miles away from my school. If I had been driving to my classes, I would have been on the road for more than two hours each day - for four years! You can do the math if you want.

And that's not even counting the additional time for finding a parking space. Whenever I drove to the campus for a special event or something, I realized again the tremendous savings in time, and headaches, distance education can provide. But there were other savings too!

If you're really serious about studying (and you obviously are, or you wouldn't be doing so much research),

2) An online social science degree program will enable you to "attend classes" at your own convenience - not at some awful hour like 8:00 in the morning!

Okay, I must warn you, one of my biases against traditional education is about to leap out. No class should ever start at 8 in the morning - especially any of them that I'm called upon to teach - or attend. When it comes to classroom "start-up" methodology, I subscribe to the Emerald City philosophy.

You remember it don't you? "We get up at 12 and go to work at 1. Take an hour lunch, and then at 2 we're done - jolly good fun!" I'm probably belaboring the point, but you might have gathered that I'm not really a morning person. And I've noticed something about a number of students who take my early classes: They're not morning people either! Where's this going?

Attending an online social science degree program will let you set your own study hours. In the language of psychology (a good social science), online study enables you to accommodate the strengths and weaknesses of your own personal temperament. In short, you study when you can best absorb the material. That's bound to promote learning. And that is what a college education is all about! Right?

Okay, let's count the benefits we've racked up so far.

We've saved time - you know, the stuff life's made of. And don't forget - fewer headaches because we eliminated the parking hassles.

Then there's that temperament thing. If you prefer, we can call it cooperating with your natural learning tendencies. Anyway, you get the picture - no more 8:00 classes, unless you happen to enjoy that so of thing, and that's okay too.

But, I've saved the best benefit for last. And it's really related to the first two.

3) An online social science degree program will enable you to spend your time and energy with those you're trying to provide for in the first place - your family.

As I pursued my study online, I quickly realized a very important truth. All those savings in time and mental energy don't have to be devoted solely to your studies. You can share some of those savings with the ones who matter most.

Whether you want to spend your extra time with family, or perhaps a special friend, you'll be more present and available to those you love. Over a period of years (and college degrees have a tendency to require a few), an hour saved here and there can really add up. Remember when we did the math? Oh, that's right, I left that one for you, didn't I?

Well, we've only scratched the surface of how beneficial an online social science degree program can be. And, being the diligent researcher that you are, you'll probably want to check out the following links to learn more about some of the many online social science degree programs that are available:

Growing up in northeastern North Carolina, John Luton marveled as his father told stories about his childhood and World War II adventures. Bluebird in Belgium relates those wonderful stories.

Dr. Luton teaches world literature and mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. The Lutons have three grown children.

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