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Orlando Discount Hotel Rooms

Smart shoppers use the internet to find Orlando discount hotel rooms and Florida Patel (or 'Innkeeper') Specials...


Orlando Discount Hotel Rooms: Yes! You CAN find discount hotel rooms in Orlando
by Lance LaHara

You’re probably thinking as you open this page, “I want to have fun, but I like to make a dollar last, too.

You already know that the big ticket attractions in Orlando aren’t cheap. On the Disney website, they’re offering vacation financing. I’m not making this up. But staying in one of the Orlando discount hotel rooms can make up for those recreational bites from your budget.

But what do you mean by Orlando discount hotel rooms? How much am I saving? How much is a “discount” in Orlando?

Well, “Discount hotel rooms” can mean various things, so let’s define our terms.

Definition A: Orlando Discount Hotel Rooms, High End

The biggest discounts in Orlando are on high-end lodgings. So if you get an internet deal where you pay “only” $150 a night for a “regularly” $210 per night suite, you’re saving money. It’s certainly better than NOT web shopping and paying the $210 when you get there.

High-End Bottom line: If you ARE looking for high-end lodgings, do a thorough web search starting with this site and book as early as possible. You’ll get one of the fancy Orlando discount hotel rooms and feel better for it. That’s good---you’ll need that self-esteem boost when you get home and open your Visa bill.

Definition B: Orlando Discount Hotel Rooms, Low End

You can web shop and find some mid-mid to low-mid rooms at better prices than you’ll find in the magazines or by just showing up without a reservation.

But what about the econo-vacationers on a truly limited budget who are searching for DEEP discounts? Smart shoppers in this group use internet white yellow pages for Orlando discount hotel rooms and look for what I call the Florida Patel Specials--- i.e., the scores of cheap motels all over the state that can’t afford to advertise much, the ones built in 1940 or so and now mostly owned by East Indians.

Many of the hosts have the surname “Patel” which means “innkeeper” in India, and some families have been in the lodging business for twenty generations. Most of these abodes are shabby, but reasonably clean and comfortable. They have good air conditioning, soap in the showers, and sometimes a pool. Mr. or Mrs. Patel will even bargain a little for a better discount on the room, especially if you’re staying more than one night.

Low End bottom line: Spouses tend to prefer fancy, four-star suites, but kids could care less---they want to spend every waking hour at Orlando fun spots anyhow. So sleep at the Patel special and use the money you save to buy your wife a ticket to the day spa, or your husband an early T-Time at the golf course.

Whatever your definition of the term, Orlando discount hotel rooms are out there. Start clicking and saving for lodgings, then see what you can do for discounts on attractions, meals, etc. You may be able to pull off this trip without maxing your credit line!

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Lance LaHara is a freelance writer and travel consultant. He’s been everywhere and has never paid retail. Lance LaHara writes unique opinion pieces on life topics for His formal education was literature and anthropology, but his real world background is civil rights and intercultural communication.

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