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Palm Springs Discount Hotel: Great Desert Deals

Driving away from your Palm Springs discount hotel you will find yourself viewing several species of cactus, with spiny leaves and fleshy stems to reduce water loss.


Palm Springs Discount Hotel

by Shari Bookstaff

A Guide to Your Palm Springs Discount Hotel

When planning a trip to Palm Springs, keep in mind that the prime season is from December through March, with the low season from mid-May through August.

While many of the accommodations in the Palm Springs area are expensive, resort-style hotels, during a non-peak or off-season you can find a deal. You can find a Palm Springs discount hotel at any time of the year, if you stay away from the main shopping and resort areas.

There are so many resort hotels, lodges and inns to choose from that if you search hard enough; you may be able to find a last-minute bargain. A good Palm Springs discount hotel will be yours!

Visiting Palm Springs

Here in Palm Springs, the middle of the Colorado Desert, lie 90 separate golf courses, with a total of 1733 holes. Maintaining these greeneries takes about one million gallons of water per day. If you are an avid golf fan, many major celebrity large-purse golf tournaments are held here each year.

If you are staying at a Palm Springs discount hotel with a golf course, you will get priority tee-off times and lower green fees. Another way to save money, is to look for courses that will give you a stand-by discount. If you see golf as a spectator sport, many celebrity pro-am golf tournaments are held here each year.

Nature—at its best and worst!

Visiting the desert can be a very powerful, beautiful experience. Get away from the water-exploiting golf courses and fancy resort hotels and visit this California desert in its true natural state.

Driving away from your Palm Springs discount hotel you will find yourself viewing several species of cactus, with spiny leaves and fleshy stems to reduce water loss. Many species of flowering plants have a very short life cycle. Growing from a seed to an adult plant, producing flowers, pollinating, producing seed then dying in a matter of weeks is the life cycle for many desert flowering plant. This spectacular sight, which can be seen in February and March outside of Palm Springs, is worth the trip.

Find your Palm Springs discount hotel, go golfing or shopping, but take some time out to visit the true desert.

Desert Animals

If you can drive through the desert at night, you might see some common and endangered desert animals.

The roadrunner, often also seen during the day, is a common bird of the desert. Since they don’t fly, you will often see them running along the desert roads. These fun-to-watch animals are not as big or as smart as their cartoon counterparts, and you probably will not see them being chased by a coyote.

Other animals include the desert tortoise, which is endangered, and the kangaroo rat, a rat with very large hind legs which can jump like a kangaroo. All desert animals need to be well adapted to the most important limiting factor in the desert: lack of water.

When you return to the air-conditioned, watery comfort of your Palm Springs discount hotel, keep in mind the tough life these animals lead. With very limited water, any water that is diverted from streams to feed golf courses will have a great impact.


Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.


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