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Palm Springs Discount Hotel

"The money you save by sleeping on the cheap can go towards fun and frolicking while you're awake. So bring it on... Palm Springs discount hotel, here we come!"


Palm Springs Discount Hotel

by Amara Rose

People Come to Palm Springs to Play, Not To Stay In Their Hotel Room!

If you think about it, the phrase, "Palm Springs discount hotel" is the ultimate oxymoron. People go to places like Palm Springs to spend money and have a good time. Think golf tournies. Think hot air ballooning. Think hiking and horseback riding. Think sunbathing. And, of course, think shopping. Saving bucks isn't usually high on the list of priorities or activities.

Then again, the money you save by sleeping on the cheap can go towards fun and frolicking while you're awake. So bring it on: Palm Springs discount hotel, here we come!

The Lodge Is Not A Palm Springs Discount Hotel

Now, please be advised that we are not talking The Lodge At Rancho Mirage here. You will not be staying at a hotel such as this on a budget. This luxury Palm Springs resort invented the word pamper. The hotel boasts no fewer than thirty spa treatments for guests, not to mention food that is out of this galaxy. On weekends in 2005, you can request the Breakfast Package, and it will only set you back $249 a night! That's why The Lodge is not a Palm Springs discount hotel.

Do Some Research, Then Book A Bed At A Palm Springs Discount Hotel

So, where should you book a bed? Begin by consulting your Palm Springs Trip Advisor. This isn't a human travel agent, but an online resource with reviews and deals that can help you locate the perfect Palm Springs discount hotel for your visit. It's chock-full of great leads.

For instance, in contrast to the Lodge's prices, you can stay at the A 7 Springs Inn & Suites for $51 and up. Such a deal! The Shilo Inn Palm Springs has rooms starting at $88 a night. The Comfort Inn & Resort Palm Springs costs only $72 a night for their most basic room. And these are just a few examples of the kind of Palm Springs discount hotel deal you can find if you do a little research online.

A Longer Stay Can Mean A Deeper Discount on Your Palm Springs Hotel Room

In fact, if you're going to Palm Springs on business or plan an extended stay for any reason, you'll be able to lock in even better rates on a Palm Springs discount hotel. Some condominium rentals can start as low as $40/night, depending on the season, availability, the type of room and the length of stay.

Spend The Bucks You've Saved Savoring Palm Springs

Of course, you probably won't be getting that breakfast package and pampering. But with the money you save while you sleep, you'll be able to afford a sumptuous morning meal at the finest restaurant in Palm Springs—and maybe a few of those world-renowned spa treatments as well, once you're through hiking, shopping, and flying high over Palm Springs in a hot air balloon. There's a lot to be said for choosing to stay at a Palm Springs discount hotel over one of the five-star hotels.

Elvis must have been writing about some other discount hotel after all. Palm Springs would never cause him heartbreak.

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