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Personalized Baby Blankets

"Personalized baby blankets can be as simple as something made from your heart to theirs."



Personalized Baby Blankets

by Emily Burson

If you are like me, you go to the store, print of a baby shower registry, look at everything, and find nothing you want to buy those special parents to be. Recently, a coworker and friend and his wife had a baby shower. I went to Target and looked at their registry, but was unable to find anything in my price range that was on their list! So, I took a different approach and made them a personalized baby blanket out of a couple pieces of fleece.

Personalized baby blankets don’t have to have specifics like the baby’s name, or birth date on them, especially if you will be giving the blanket before the little one is born. Personalized baby blankets can be as simple as something made from your heart to theirs. A personalized baby blanket is something that cannot be bought in a store. A personalized baby blanket is something that matches a color scheme and nursery theme well. A personalized baby blanket says something about your personality and the personality of the family-to-be.

For me, I decided to make a personalized baby blanket out of fleece. You may have seen the homemade fleece blankets. Heck, you may have even made one for yourself. They are super easy, require no ‘creative’ skills, and are perfect for almost any occasion. Your personalized baby blanket could be the first in a long series of blankets that you make!

For my personalized baby blanket, I wanted a fun, extremely kid friendly print. My friends are new homeowners, and this is their first child, so I wanted something that would last and be part of their family. While they are using a lot of darker colors in the nursery, I decided to find something bright and cheery. We know the baby is a boy, but I wanted my personalized baby blanket to be fun for any child, and for mom and dad.

After looking at many stores, I found fleece I liked. So, my personalized baby blanket had a panel of fleece that was baby cows, complete with diapers, bibs, bottles, and bathtubs. The background was light blue, and the cows were wearing a light mint green diaper. I chose a mint green fleece that matched perfectly for the other panel of fleece and away I went.

To make the personalized baby blanket, choose the amount of fleece you want to work with. For this project, I decided to get a yard and a half for each panel. It makes for a larger personalized baby blanket, but one that can cover both baby and mom or dad, which will be much more useful in the coming chilly months. Lay the fleece for your personalized baby blanket on the floor (one panel on top of the other, soft sides out) and line them up. Cut a square out of the corner, and then cut 3-4 inch strips down the side. Tie the two pieces of fleece together with each strip, and proceed around the blanket. When you’re done, the sides should have tassels all the way around. It’s warm, it’s cute and, most important, and it’s easy!

It’s as simple as that and you have a personalized baby blanket!

Emily Burson is a 2001 graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She has worked as a copywriter, is an avid scrapbooker, and loves to travel. She's been to Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Honduras, as well as many U.S. states.

If you would like to contact her about her writing, craft ideas, or book reviews, email her at erburson@

Also, read her personal thoughts on God, faith, life, culture, and more. and_shop/Personal_Creations.htm

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