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Pink Ugg Boot: 5 Ways To Shut Up Your Critics

Embrace the pink Ugg boot, and explain you’ll be ready for their comeback. That’s -if- they really are out.


Pink Ugg Boot

by Rachel Johnson

What Prompted you to Wear a Pink Ugg Boot?!

Well, you’ve just read an article in your favorite fashion magazine that says the whole Ugg boot trend is out. Ugg boots are so last year, it says. You’re devastated, not only because you own four pairs of Ugg boots, but also because you just bought a pastel pink pair last week. Your devastation is understandable. Really.

So, you’re roughly $500-$800 bucks in the hole in the whole fashion department because you bought four pairs, and now on top of everything else your friends are going to start asking you what ever prompted you to get into the whole pink Ugg boot trend. Woah. You don’t want to be a fashion misfit, do you?!

Take a deep breath.

Here are several great responses that will shut them up.

1. Tell them you got caught up in the fashion trend, pure and simple. This is straightforward. If they roll their eyes, remind them they used to roll their shirt sleeves, their pant cuffs, and they’d sing New Kids On the Block songs on the top of their lungs. They’ll leave your pink Ugg boot issue alone, for sure.

2. Explain your pink Ugg boot phase was a desperate attempt to feel like Barbie. You know, Barbie is all about pink. Even if they don’t admit it, every girl has dreamed about being like Barbie.

3. Tell your friends your pink Ugg boot days were all about your boyfriend telling he thought they were pretty hot. The girls will understand, they all wish their boyfriend was as cute as yours. And, since you broke up yesterday you can even off them to your friend you just know is going to go chasing after him.

4. Sickness. You were sick, they looked cute. It’s passed. You’ll be returning them; there is nothing uglier than the pink Ugg boot. They’ll buy into that. Cough a couple times just to be sure. In reality, you won’t be returning them because you just can’t. They may not be in anymore, but you aren’t ready to part with them. But no one has to know that.

5. Confidence. Yeah. Kill ‘em with your confident nature. Tell them you like them. A lot. And, despite the trend being over you like them. You may even like them more because you won’t see a hundred pairs of them every day. And then wear them with confidence. Hey, it takes one confident gal to even buy a pink pair of shoes after the age of ten. Embrace the pink Ugg boot, and explain you’ll be ready for their comeback. That’s if, they really are “out”.

See? It’s not as bad as you think. Of course, the whole fashion magazine thing could be wrong and Ugg boots will keep selling like hot cakes. They are you know, still selling like hot cakes.

You just never know. What’s cool or not is sort of hit or miss, so you might as well wear that lovely pink Ugg boot pair and be comfortable. Just do it on the down low, you know, so you don’t become some social pariah or something.

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