Pink Ugg Boots: How They Came to Be

I understand that a pink ugg boot might seem inimical to the whole Ugg way of life... but it's not. Let me explain.


























The Pink Ugg Boot Story

by Mickey Ugg

A lot of you have been asking me this sort of question:

Hey, Mr. Ugg, how did you ever come up with the pink ugg boot?

I understand- the traditional ugg is tan, a very natural color, and the kind of people that where ugg boots are usually more natural, outdoorsy, granola types. Ok, they don't bathe enough, and they know way too much about herbal teas. Well, anyway, I understand that a pink ugg boot might seem inimical to the whole Ugg way... but it's not. Let me explain.

As you know, I founded the Ugg boots company back during the 80's. I'm an aussie, mate, no biggie- but I wasn't always. I left the U.S. during the Vietnam debacle, and spent a lot of time surfing and taking acid on Australian white sand beaches. I'm getting to the ugg boots, and the pink ugg boot, hang on-

Anyway, I was living in the wild, basically, thoroughouly doing the Thoreau thing, and though I love them, I had to kill a few kangaroos for food, and not wanting to be wasteful, I used the hide to make the first ugg boots. They weren't all that comfortable, but they were better than nothing. They were nothing like the sheepskin, lambs wool that lines the inside of the pink ugg boot you're going to buy. Now that's subliminal advertising.

So I got pretty good at shaping the ugg boot, and when I settled down with the first Mrs. Ugg, we got some sheep, and they gave me the inspiration to make it more comfortable on the inside. What can I say- I have delicate feet. But still, there was no pink ugg boot- there was only the tan one, no matter how comfortable it was getting.

Yes, you say, it's all very natural so far- now where did the pink one come from?

Well, my point is, it's all about nature- and it was quite natural for the second and current Mrs. Ugg to get very drunk over Valentine's day 2004, and she loves candy, so she'd been eating all these redhots, and that doesn't go too well with the Lindeman's Plum Merlot she was drinking, so, what came next, you can guess. Yep, the merlot and the red hots went all over some Ugg boots, and when I heard the retching, I was so concerned about getting her fixed up and to bed, that we ignored the boots.

Next day, we had pink Ugg boots. The merlot, redhots, and trying to clean the Uggs just ended me up with pink Ugg boots. I thought they were pretty funny. Mrs. Ugg didn't, but when she felt better, she said, "You know..." and proceeded to talk about malls and make up and teenagers and models and such. I pretty much tuned her out, but what I did hear was that pink Ugg boots could expand our shoewear mindshare, and we could make enough money to finish the fixer upper we bought outside of Mackay City in Queensland... and I could get a new H2- so yeah, I was all for the pink uggs.

And the model shoot we did for them wasn't bad either.


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