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Polar Bear Gift: Where to Find Unique, Cute, Bears

Luckily, with the Internet a unique polar bear gift is much easier to come by. There are websites and online stores dedicated to polar bears.


Polar Bear Gift

by Rachel Johnson

The Polar Bear Gift that will make you “Da Bomb”

If you have someone in your life that just loves polar bears, you know you’re always on the look out for that perfect polar bear gift. It’s amazing actually, how until you know someone who loves them, you didn’t know what a special thing a polar bear gift could be.

Of course, there is the obvious stuffed polar bear gift that every polar bear lover has gotten a hundred times. You know, only because they have a corner of their bedroom dedicated to their stuffed polar bears! So, you always keep your eye out for the more unique or distinct polar bear gift, right?

Zoos can be a great place to find that unique polar bear gift! At the very least, they’ll usually carry a one of a kind t-shirt with a polar bear on it! What better than to bring home your polar bear-aholic a new t-shirt? They’ll love it! But, a t-shirt isn’t so unique, so if they’ve got a hat maybe you could go for that.

Luckily, with the Internet a unique polar bear gift is much easier to come by. There are websites and online stores dedicated to polar bears. They carry all sorts of polar bear items like key chains, hair clips, stationary, pictures, paintings, license plates, socks, scarves, purses, statues, pens, pencils, buttons, cups, mugs, and even talking polar bears! It’s like the polar bear gift heaven on some of these sites! You’ve got birthday and Christmas presents picked out for the next five years! At least five years! You’d be hard pressed to think of a polar bear gift that these sites do not carry. And, in the rare instance you can think of one, they can probably get your polar bear gift made for you, or tell you where to find it!

To find one of these very cute and cuddly Internet sites (can an internet site really be cute and cuddly?) simply type polar bear or polar bear gifts into your browser and you’ll come up with almost endless results! You’ll definitely find something the polar bear lover in you life doesn’t yet have, and you’ll be “da bomb” of gift givers, or something like that.

Coca Cola has a cute polar bear! They also have Coca Cola bottles with their polar bear available usually around the holidays, but possibly on their own website. At their factory in Atlanta Georgia they have a HUGE polar bear that would make the perfect gift—if you happen to have a semi to bring it home! Coca Cola actually has a whole line of products available with the very cute “Coca Cola Bears” on it! Check it out!

Another hot item this year was the Polar Bear Luv Cubs! They are toys and were one of the hottest items for young boys and girls this past holiday season. They are battery operated and play peek-a-boo, cry, drink from a bottle, and make “bear cub type noises”. They are very cute, if you’ve always wanted your own pet polar bear! And, a must have for those polar bear lovers!

So you see, shopping for that perfect polar bear gift isn’t as difficult as it would seem! So get out there and make yourself “da bomb” of gift givers!

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