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Polar Heart Rate Monitor

A polar heart rate monitor will tune you into your body's internal activity level and help prevent injury.



Polar Heart Rate Monitor

by Patrick Austin

Effective aerobic training requires that you maintain your heart rate at the proper intensity level for at least twenty minutes per workout. If your heart rate is too high, your activity can be counterproductive. That's why getting a polar heart monitor can be so helpful.

For most people, as your heart rate exceeds eighty to eight-five percent, your workout causes the body to become anaerobic and produce lactic acids. This in turn causes you to burn less fat, which can cause strain within the muscles. It's important to reach a level of intensity that is productive. A polar heart rate monitor will tune you into your body's internal activity level and help prevent injury.

Using a polar heart rate monitor can help you make sure your exercise intensity is at a level that burns fat optimally and keeps the body working aerobically (not anaerobic). A regular exercise program performed at the proper heart rate levels can help increase your metabolism. It's important that beginners do not push themselves too hard. Exercise is meant to be fun! The most important exercise factor for losing weight is the duration of the exercise. In fact, studies have shown that you get a similar caloric burn if you walk three miles then if you were to run one mile.

For optimum results, it's best to work out at a level that can be comfortably maintained for a longer period of time. As long as you are maintaining a comfortable intensity within your zone, you will be burning fat. Those just starting an exercise routine or are out of shape, should always start at a slower pace and concentrate on being able to exercise for gradually longer periods of time. A polar heart rate monitor will assist you in this endeavor.

For fat burning and weight reduction, the optimal zone is fifty-five to sixty-five percent of your maximum heart rate. This level consists of lower intensity, longer duration exercises. For best results, increase the length of time gradually. This range is particularly recommended for those who haven't worked out for a while or if you are starting a new exercise routine. This lower intensity helps you maintain your exercise for longer periods of time safely. Again, you need to get a polar heart rate monitor to ensure you stay in a fat burning mode.

A quality polar heart rate monitor should have these features:

  • Heart Rate to ECG accuracy
  • Easy to operate
  • Calendar with Daily alarm
  • Easy to read large numbers
  • Water Resistant
  • Scratch resistant glass
  • Scan Sequence
  • Press a button, unit will display average heart rate, highest lowest heart rate and total exercise time.
  • Elapsed Time
  • Extra soft rubber strap, which should be very comfortable to wear.
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