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Popcap Game: Excitement For All Ages

There are many Popcap game challenges for the computer game connoisseur.


Popcap Game

by Trish Williams

The new craze these days is Popcap game challenges online. Which one is your favorite? Usually what happens is after you get really good at one Popcap game, you end up trying another one. The Popcap game that you’re usually most fond of says a lot about your personality. Before you know it, you’re addicted.

Never bored playing a Popcap game!

Because of the wide variety of Popcap game challenges online, being bored is never an option. The great thing about playing a Popcap game online is that it’s easy and fast to access one of the many web games right in your browser. All you do is download the version of the Popcap game you want to play, and presto, you’re on!

A Popcap game for everyone!

Popcap technology has come a long way. Web games are the in thing these days and can be found on all types of platforms from Macs, PCs, PDAs, website, cell phones and in the airline industry while flying! Some of the game titles include:

Bejeweled – Here you can learn how to swap jewels. This Popcap game has unique backgrounds and great looking game pieces. It’s very addictive and a favorite for people of all ages!

Insaniquarium – Talk about exciting! With this Popcap game you can feed fish and fight aliens too! There are weapons, secret pets and all kinds of intriguing levels to test your skills and knowledge.

Pixelus – Watch out Survivor! This Popcap game offer an adventure on a mystic isle named Pixelus. There are magical mosaics in this mind-boggling puzzle that will make you feel like an adventurer!

Bookworm -- Here’s a real fun Popcap game for the bookworm in you. As you link letters together and create words, you keep the hungry Bookworm happy. If you’re not careful, you might even burn down the library!

There are many other Popcap game challenges for the computer game connoisseur. Not only can you download and play dozens of these games, you can also order all types of ad specialties to wear like T shirts, hats and etc. People often sport their favorite Popcap game logos on mugs, and other gear like coasters, stickers and mousepads.

According to the PopCap shop, Bejeweled won Computer Gaming World’s Puzzle Game of the Year award for 2001, and was named Commercial Game of the Year for Palm platforms by Handheld Computing. Also, they report that Bookworm has been a runaway hit, garnering a 5 star rating from Computer Gaming World along with hundreds of thousands of fans.

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