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Preschool Game

"A good preschool game can be an important learning experience. A preschool game can help a young child to develop new skills and acquire new concepts."

Preschool Game: Create a Learning Experience
by Sue Chehrenegar


A good preschool game can be an important learning experience. A preschool game can help a young child to develop new skills and acquire new concepts. If a preschool game teaches children how to better coordinate their movements, then it will assist them with the performance of everyday activities. If it teaches them how to pay attention and to obey rules, then it will prepare them for the demands of the conventional classroom environment.

There are two additional benefits of a preschool game. These are benefits that can be shared by all members of society. A good preschool game will demonstrate to young children the fundamentals of cooperation and collaboration. A preschool game introduces the young child to the circumstance in which a whole group of people will have one common goal. The children should be given a goal, and they should have to cooperate in order to achieve that goal.

In striving to achieve their goal, the preschool children who participate in a game will also need to learn that everyone must contribute something towards the accomplishment of the goal. The instructor must help the young children to realize that no one child’s contribution is more important than that of any other child. The support of every child should be needed to guarantee the completion of a preschool game and the achievement of its goal.

In order to teach collaboration, a preschool game should call on the young players to show cooperation. The children need to discover that they will more readily achieve their goal if they can coordinate their efforts and work together. If the preschool play group is going to build something as part of a game, then the preschoolers need to start their building in unison. If one group starts in one place, and another groups starts at a different spot, then the lack of coordination will put them in danger of failing to reach their goal.

Why should preschool children learn the importance of coordination? Because then our future society will be assured of having more adults who are ready to coordinate their efforts in the performance of any task. Fewer meetings will be set to begin at one time, only to have many late stragglers interrupt the efforts that have been initiated by those who managed to arrive on time. Fewer adults will refrain from asking questions, thus obtaining the information that will allow them to better coordinate their efforts with those of the entire group. These are some of the long-range benefits delivered by a good preschool game.

When one recognizes the benefits of a good preschool game, then one can better appreciate why many educators have said that “the work of children is to play.”

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