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Preschool Lesson Plan

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"Children love to sing. Teaching songs is one of the surest successes to develop from any preschool lesson plan."


This kid didn't get enough
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Preschool Lesson Plan:
Advice for Teachers Developing One

by Sue Chehrenegar

Say Hello!

A child’s day at a preschool should begin with a warm and loving welcome. Remember, this small child is, upon entering the preschool, leaving the safety of his or her home. The preschooler frequently objects to being separated from the parent or grandparent. The preschool lesson plan should, therefore, include some method for creating a heartfelt and interesting greeting.

Makes Songs part of your Preschool Lesson Plan

Once the instructors have allowed the entering children to share some of their most recent experiences, then the group can begin a round of music and song. Children love to sing, and so teaching songs is one of the surest successes to develop from any preschool lesson plan. The more the children sing any song, the better they will learn the words and the more they will then want to sing that song again.

Use Stories to Teach the Values of your Preschool Lesson Plan

After the singing, then the children can be gathered together for the chance to hear an enchanting story. Many folk tales and fairy tales show children the rewards that come with the doing of good deeds and the sad consequences of bad behavior. Children can learn from such stories how to know more clearly the difference between right and wrong. Such stories are an important part of any preschool lesson plan.

Use Play and Teams in your Preschool Lesson Plan

After the storytelling, then the children will want to stretch their muscles. This is the time for games. The instructors may plan to have supervised games, where the children form teams and try to best each other in some fashion. Alternatively, the children can be allowed to play outside on regulation play equipment, or inside at designated play centers. The weather is often in charge.

Coloring, Crafts, or Science in your Preschool Lesson Plan

When the children come in from their play, then they should be invited to join in a quiet activity, such as coloring. In addition to coloring, there are many other crafts that can be used to keep small hands busy. If the preschool instructors do not feel ready to handle a daily, or even weekly, dose of arts and crafts, then the lesson plan can call for introducing the small students to some simple hands-on science.

Include Memorizing Quotes in your Preschool Lesson Plan

If the instructors need to lengthen the plan of activities for their preschoolers, then they can introduce other activities. Suggestions would be the memorization of sayings/proverbs that teach basic truths. One example is a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Another possibility is the discussion of how the story they have heard invites them to consider a way to help others. The preschool instructor should, of course, include in the lesson plan a time for any needed clean-up activity.

Say Goodbye!

At the close of the day, or the end of the session, the preschool children will want a loving goodbye. They will want to feel that the lesson plan calls for their return at some future time.

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