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Printable Birthday Card: Make Your Own Free E Card Greetings!

If you follow these ten easy steps you will be able to create your own printable birthday card whenever you like.


Printable Birthday Card
by Patrick Austin

Make Your Own Printable Birthday Card in Ten Easy Steps

If you’re interested in making your own, unique printable birthday card, then you’re only a few clicks away. All you need is Microsoft Powerpoint and some basic computer knowledge.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make your own printable birthday card. Of course, you can use these steps to make many other cards for other special events like Christmas, Hanukah, Valentine’s Day, etc…

1.)When you open Power Point, make sure that you set the paper size. Letter is the easiest paper to find and use. So remember to set the paper size to letter. If you use another paper, make sure you specify the type. This will be the paper on which you will be printing your printable birthday card later.

2. Next, go to File > Page Setup. This will bring up the page setup dialog box. Here you would need to choose the paper size and orientation.

3.)Don't forget the Slides Orientation.You can ignore orientation for the Notes, handouts & outline. We are not designing the printable birthday cards on them. Just concerntrate on the slide.

4.)When you are ready, just click OK. Then you will need to show the guide to estimate the pages on the printable birthday card that you are about to design. The guide is the non-printable dotted lines on the page layout. To get the guide out, you need to click on View > Grid and Guide.

5.)With the guides on, you can see two dotted lines on the slide in design mode. One line is the horizontal line and the second line is the vertical line. These lines split the slide evenly top-bottom and left-right.

6.)The top left corner will be the front page. But you will have to rotate the image or artwork or texts for that page later. It needs to be rotated 180 degrees.

7.)The top right corner is the back. Here you can put some logo which determines your design for the printable birthday cards. You can put anything there. Again, it would have to be rotated 180 degrees as well.

8.)The bottom right corner is the first inside page. This page normally is empty like most birthday cards, but you put anything you want there like some extra message or anything.

9.) Lastly, the bottom right corner. This is where you put your wordings for your printable birthday. I guess, when that is done, it is done. You have your printable birthday card ready.

10.) To convert it into PDF, you would need a PDF converter. Many are available on the Internet.

If you follow these ten easy steps you will be able to create your own printable birthday card whenever you like.


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