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Punk Rock T Shirt: Expression In Fashion

Punk rock’s influence on styles and fashions has been extensive. Just like the music, punk rock T shirt styles are bold and avant-garde.


Punk Rock T Shirt

by Trish Williams

Abrasive, decadent and rebellious -- just a few words to describe punk music and its “faithful” followers. For decades, punk music has represented anti-establishment, anti-authority and anti-just-about-everything! Having first gotten its name in the 60s with groups like The Seeds and The Standells, punk rock later progressed to include a new generation between the period of 1976 and 1980. During this time the Sex Pistols, The Damned, The Clash and The Ramones came on the scene and rocked the world in a whole different manner. A variety of punk rock T shirt styles began to emerge as the movement pressed forward.

Punk rock fashions began to be sported by young kids trying to find themselves. From Mohawk hair styles to psychedelic punk rock T shirt styles and spiked leather accessories, the movement was growing fast. A new type of music, with darker elements began to take over not only the music world, but also the fashion world.

Today’s punk rock groups continue to bring smoke and fire into the music world. Greenday, who won Rock Album of the year for 2005 at the Grammy Awards, is another punk rock band that is setting standards for kids across the country. Many sport punk rock T shirt and clothing with Greenday photos and sayings on them. Their American Idiot CD is Greenday’s seventh record and they keep getting better, increasing their fan base.

What is it that makes punk rock T shirt styles so vogue?

There’s no doubt that punk rock expresses an opinion and attitude unlike any other music genre. The dissonance and non-pretentious music often thumbs its nose at commercialism, capitalism and anything that takes away self-identity. There’s nothing superficial about punk rock’s ability to cut through the chase with explicit lyrics and abrasive music. Punk rock T shirt styles capture the mood of this type of rock-n-roll. The pomposity and pretension of society is what punk rock music and punk rock T shirt styles mock.

Punk rock’s confrontational bulldozer approach is a wake up call to parents of punk rockers. These kids are proud to listen to and to wear punk rock T shirt styles and put up posters, bumper stickers to expressively confront and question anything and everything. Punk rock is anything but submissive, and so are its followers.

Punk rock T shirt designs and graphics

Punk rock’s influence on styles and fashions has been extensive. Just like the music, punk rock T shirt styles are bold and avant-garde. The artwork, graphics, designs and styles speak of a disturbed, but thinking group of people who are fed up with the status quo. They want a revolution, and whether it comes through revolt against the government via explicit lyrics or through punk rock T shirt styles that graphically puke at mainstream society, the movement is alive and growing. The punk rock culture is here to stay and as they asserted in high school in the 80s, “The freaks will rule the world!”

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