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The Elusive and Rare Yu Gi Oh Card!

A rare Yu-Gi-Oh card such as the Foil Gate Guardian foil card, which was a promotion item in 1998 and is worth an estimated four hundred dollars!


Rare Yu-Gi-Oh Card

by Rachel Johnson

A rare Yu Gi Oh card is what all Yu Gi Oh fanatics hope to come across at some point. Most won’t, not without spending a lot of cash, anyway. Yu Gi Oh cards are a source of great fun and entertainment for the young and old alike. The series of cards quickly became one of the most collected trading card series. Just like all trading cards, there are the cards everyone hears about but hardly anyone has. And, if someone does have a rare Yu Gi Oh card, he or she is not likely to have it out to play or trade with.

A rare Yu Gi Oh card such as the Foil Gate Guardian foil card, which was a promotion item in 1998 and is worth an estimated four hundred dollars! Yep, you read that right, for hundred dollars for playing card! And, avid collectors would pay more than four hundred dollars for this super hard to find card! Amazing! This is one of the more rare cards because it was a promotional item in Japan and hasn’t been found very often in the United States where the Yu Gi Oh cards are very popular.

Like all rare collectors cards, the rare Yu Gi Oh card should be protected. Keeping all of your Yu Gi Oh cards in collector’s sleeves or card jackets is a good idea. For the rare, and expensive cards, being sure that they are kept in an acid free sleeve is very important. Over time, the acid contained in all papers and plastics will eat away at the card and leave it in less than perfect condition, stripping it of it’s value.

Yu Gi Oh cards aren’t just something that is collected by children, which is an assumption those who are not familiar with the cards assume. Many adults have gotten into the Yu Gi Oh craze as well. For this reason, if you buy your child a rare Yu Gi Oh card, you should explain that the card should be left at home, and not played with. As much as your child might like to show off the new card, it’s not a good idea. You just never know who might take advantage of your child and take away a very expensive card!

The collecting and playing of Yu Gi Oh cards can be very entertaining. There are many cards to collect, and the rare Yu Gi Oh card is just icing on the cake! You never know which cards may become collectors in the future, so treat all of your cards like they could become a five hundred dollar card in the future! Who knows, they may just pay for college someday!


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