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15 Reasons to Buy Cleveland, Ohio Real Estate

Make sure your real estate agent knows exactly what you’re looking for when checking into Cleveland, Ohio real estate, and you’re sure to find it!



Cleveland Ohio Real Estate

by Amy Finley

Cleveland, Ohio real estate is growing faster than ever, and there are about a million reasons why! Cleveland and its suburbs are great places to live and work. There are many options in Cleveland, Ohio real estate that will allow you to live and work in diverse communities that meet your needs. Below are just a few things that you’ll love about Cleveland!

Buy Cleveland, Ohio real estate for its…

  1. Diversity – people from many different racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds live and work in Cleveland. There are also many efforts in Cleveland and its surrounding communities that work towards embracing diversity and fostering community.
  2. Colleges – there are many truly great colleges in Cleveland and the surrounding areas to attend or work for – Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University (which I attend – and my classes and professors have all been top notch), Ohio School of Podiatry, Cleveland Institute of Art, Notre Dame College of Ohio, John Carroll University, just to name a few.
  3. Healthcare – Cleveland is home to the Cleveland Clinic, one of the best healthcare facilities in the world –a great place receive healthcare or to work (my daughter was born here – the nurses and staff are really wonderful, too).
  4. Sports – whether you’re into football, basketball, baseball, or soccer -- the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Cavs, the Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians, and the Cleveland Crunch.
  5. Libraries – Both the Cleveland and Cuyahoga Library systems are efficient and house many resources that you can request to be delivered at your choice of library (you can also get community borrower cards to borrow resources from local universities for a small fee).
  6. The Cleveland Metroparks – Cleveland and the surrounding communities have a phenomenal parks and recreation system that include thousands of acres of parks with hiking and walking trails, picnic and playground areas, nature centers, and many programs for all ages.
  7. Affordability – whatever your budget is, there are homes and land available in a wide range of prices.

Buy Cleveland, Ohio real estate so you can visit…

  1. Great Lakes Science Center -- This is a great place for everyone – kids and adults alike. They have tons of hands on and interactive exhibits as well as shows. Last year my kids were each put inside giant bubbles during a show. It’s located along beautiful Lake Eerie so you can enjoy a beautiful view (they even have some outdoor exhibits/activities when the weather’s nice). Plus, they even offer free admission a couple of times per year.
  2. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo -- the Zoo and Rainforest are open year round is open year and have a ton of animals to see, shows, an Australian outback park that kids love, and special events, like ‘boo at the zoo’ during holidays. Plus, parking is always free and zoo admission EVERY Monday is free to Cuyahoga County residents.
  3. Panini’s Bar and Grill – Huge, awesome signature sandwiches, great atmosphere to kick back and relax.
  4. Tower City Center -- has everything to meet all your shopping needs, (plus a huge beautiful fountain).
  5. University Circle – University Circle is home to a large variety of museums – Cleveland museum of Natural History, Cleveland Museum of art, Rainbow Children’s Museum, to name a few. Each summer University Circle hosts a big celebration (free admission!) each summer with a parade, live music, and tons of artistic and cultural exhibits and activities.
  6. Lake Eerie – if you don’t buy Cleveland, Ohio real estate for any other reason – do it so you can visit Lake Eerie with downtown Cleveland at your back. Fishing, boating, parks, and it is always breathtakingly beautiful, weather you are driving past on you commute to work, having a picnic at an area park in the summer, or taking a brisk walk during the winter months.
  7. The Flats – great clubs, restaurants, and bars and nightlife located along Lake Eerie.
  8. Playhouse Square – music and theater. One year for my birthday my husband took me to see a Riverdance performance – it was phenomenal.

These are just a few of the fantastic aspects you can enjoy when buying Cleveland, Ohio real estate!

Just like every major city, however, there are pros and cons of living in particular areas. Get a real estate agent who knows the neighborhoods and listens to your interests and needs –i.e. if you’re single and looking for a great apartment downtown near the nightlife you might not care about local school ratings, and your needs will be very different than a family with young kids who are looking for a medium sized home with a back yard and to whom the local school ratings will be very important.

Make sure your real estate agent knows exactly what you’re looking for when checking into Cleveland, Ohio real estate, and you’re sure to find it!



In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is also a creative writer. She is currently working on her M.A. in English Literature and lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three children.


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