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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate: Prime Spots in America's Venice

The best housing values in Fort Lauderdale real estate may be in new developments in the western suburbs.




Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

by Bob Ellal

Visions of hundreds of thousands of partying college students rampaging through the streets—is this your idea of Fort Lauderdale? Things used to be out of control but tough late1980’s regulations have put a damper on the frenzied excess, transforming Fort Lauderdale into one of the fastest growing residential areas of the country.

It’s also a haven for private yacht owners and major cruise liners. That’s why it may be a good idea to invest in Fort Lauderdale real estate.

What once were miles of beach punctuated by palm trees and scrub pine is now a sprawling megalopolis that stretches from the sea to the Everglades and from the northern border of Miami to the southern border of Palm Beach. The region is paced by enormous and rapid growth fueled by an influx of young and old. It’s not just sand and “Where the Boys Are” anymore—it’s prime Fort Lauderdale real estate.

Fort Lauderdale is located along the southern part of Florida’s Gold Coast just north of Miami. Known as the “Venice of America” it’s famous for its beaches and its miles of canals and waterways. Seven miles of beaches are punctuated by an array of shops, restaurants, and sidewalk cafes. You can enjoy boating, wind surfing, jet skiing, volleyball, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea diving and rollerblading. The beach alone is worth investing in Fort Lauderdale real estate.

Currently the Fort Lauderdale real estate market is growing. The median price for an existing home rose more than 21% in August 2003 to $251,000 compared to August 2002. The best housing values in Fort Lauderdale real estate may be in new developments in the western suburbs. Many of these are gated communities offering golf, swimming, and recreation, and are priced around $200,000. (Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

In addition to good Fort Lauderdale real estate buys, there are many things to do in Fort Lauderdale. Here are a few:

  • Water Taxis—These little green and yellow boats, piloted by licensed captains, will bring you to a surprising number of shops, restaurants and even offices. You’ll learn why Fort Lauderdale real estate is prime and the city is called the “Venice of America.”
  • Jungle Queen Riverboat—A stately steamboat that has plied the waters around Fort Lauderdale real estate for more than 50 years. Sail past fabulous estates and relive Fort Lauderdale’s historic past.
  • Las Olas Tiki Tours—90-minute narrated tours of Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale real estate waterways aboard a custom-built 50-foot catamaran.
  • Museum of Discovery and Science—Given five stars by many reviewers, this enjoyable museum for children features interactive, hands-on displays.
  • Anne Kolb Nature Center—Part of the 1,400 West Lake Park, you can find a variety of wildlife here, including white ibis, osprey and peregrine falcons. Tour on foot, bicycle or by canoe.
  • Flamingo Gardens—60 quiet acres of Fort Lauderdale real estate that features rare tropical plants, massive oaks and Florida birds and wildlife.
  • Butterfly World—Learn how things that fly grow, what they eat, and how they live.

It’s clear that Fort Lauderdale real estate offers many advantages: a semi-tropical climate, beautiful beaches, amazing waterways, affordable prices, and unparalleled growth.

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