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South Idaho Real Estate

It’s no wonder South Idaho real estate is so popular- it’s located near some of the nation’s most popular landmarks.


South Idaho Real Estate

by Trish Williams

South Idaho Real Estate

You’ve decided to make that move – that move to South Idaho, and now it’s just a matter of finding your niche and that South Idaho real estate property that’s right for you.

Idaho has gained national recognition as a great place to call home. South Idaho real estate companies are hearing from people from all across the United States looking for a diverse and beautiful place to live. South Idaho real estate offers residents a charming and attractive terrain near all the major metropolitan areas that are thriving in high-tech industry, cultural activities, sports events and outdoor fun.

South Idaho real estate is prime. “The greater South Central Idaho population of 175,000 includes Twin Fall, Burley, Jerome, and Rupert. Irrigation brought a rich heritage of Agriculture to this region, and a great deal of Idaho Potatoes, Beef, and grains are still produced here. Industry has diversified into a growing array of manufacturing and technology applications,” reports 208RealEstate.

South Idaho real estate and area landmarks

It’s no wonder South Idaho real estate is so popular, it’s located near some of the nation’s most popular landmarks including:

Balanced Rock - a forty-foot tall rock perched on a base only a few feet in diameter. This is a cool place to visit when you move to your South Idaho real estate property.

City of Rocks - Beginning in 1843, City of Rocks was a landmark for emigrants on the California Trail and Salt Lake Alternate Trail and later on freight routes and the Kelton, Utah to Boise, Idaho stage route, reports 208RealEstate.

Lake Walcott State Park – Another popular spot, which will be close to your South Idaho real estate property, is this wonderful state park. It will be close to the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge, which offers some of the best birding in southern Idaho.

Lower Snake River – A definite must see for anyone who has purchased a South Idaho real estate property. This is an intriguing river, appropriately named for its “slithering,” snake-like appearance.

There are many other wonderful sites and landmarks including the Malad Gorge, Minidoka Dam, Perrine Bridge, Shoshone Falls and of course, the Twin Fall’s old mill building.

What are some of the names of towns where you may want to purchase your South Idaho real estate property?

There are a wide variety of small, medium and large towns to choose from for your South Idaho real estate property. They include: Albion, Almo, Burley, Delco, Elba, Hagerman, Hazelton, Heyborn, Jerome, Malta, Mindoka, Murtaugh, Oakley, Paul, Rupert and Twin Falls. Be sure to check with your South Idaho real estate agent for details on the towns that interest you most.

What’s not to like about South Idaho real estate?

South Idaho real estate varies and includes lots and acreages, small farms, residential homes, condos and apartments in all shapes and sizes.

Truly, the sites that you’ll see in and around the South Idaho real estate properties that you plan to visit will amaze you. From luscious green valleys to tall mountainous areas and relaxing rivers and lakes, Idaho is truly God’s country.


Trish Williams is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers across the country. She also works on web design, web content, graphics, promotions and copywriting.

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