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Restaurant Tucson Review: The Best Rated Eats and Websites

When you get hungry and want a great restaurant, Tucson will not disappoint. Here's a sampling of some of the best.







Restaurant Tucson Review

by Gustavo H. Miller

Tucson is a beautiful place to live or visit. The scenery - desert, cactus, mountains - is pure and pristine. The golf and spas are relaxing. The culture and Old West history is rich and fascinating.

Whether you're living in or visiting Tucson, you're going to have to eat! Here are some of the best restaurants Tucson has to offer, especially those that have great websites:

Steak Restaurant, Tucson: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse wins #1 in the search engine positioning category of Restaurant Tucson Review. You can find them easily online. The food is on the pricy side- $31- $50 per meal. But what did you expect at a great steakhouse?
(4 stars)

Cafe Poca Cosa (88 E. Broadway Blvd.) is Tucson's most creative Mexican restaurant. Recipes inspired by different regions of the chef's native Mexico. The menu changes daily. This is one of the most consistently highest rated restaurant Tucson has to offer.
(4 stars)

Chuy's Mesquite Grill has the food, and more... though the ambience includes smoking. So if you mind that, stay away. But otherwise, this is a popular and fun place with a party-like atmosphere. Check out a review of Chuy's Restaurant Tucson here.
(3 stars)

Kingfisher Bar & Grill (2564 E. Grant Road) is gets the #2 on search engine positioning - whoever did their website was smart enough to put Restaurant Tucson in the King Fisher page titles.. Website itself is not bad. This is an upscale seafood place with great oysters and wines to boot. There's good basic info on their main page.
(5 stars)

Another restaurant Tucson is proud to lay claim to is the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort - they have five restaurants with different menus. From authentic southwestern to mesquite-grill cowboy steaks, they do it up right, with the kind of service you'd expect from Hilton, but with the restaurant Tucson flavor you'd expect from authentic Arizona.
(4 stars)


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