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Rubber Bracelet

Because of the rubber bracelet phenomenon, Americans are digging into their pockets for worthy causes in droves.


Rubber Bracelet

by Teddi McDonald

The Rubber Bracelet:  An Inspiring Trend

Do you think Americans are generous and charitable, or do you believe that we're all just obsessed with "looking out for Number One?" Well, think what you like, one trend that is bringing out the kinder, gentler side of the American public is a funny little doo-dad known as the rubber bracelet.

In fact, the current success of the rubber bracelet as a big seller for many fund-raising organizations is indicating a tip in the scales from greed--toward giving.

Many people are showing their commitment and support for their favorite causes by buying a rubber bracelet created to raise consciousness--as well as much-deserved funds.

Did you know that the people of the U.S. give more to charities than those in any other country? Well gosh darn it, the American people are generous! In fact, because of the rubber bracelet phenomenon, Americans are digging into their pockets for worthy causes in droves.

It started with Lance Armstrong's battle with cancer and the creation of the silicone rubber bracelet in yellow with the words Live Strong on it.

Part of the money he raises by selling the yellow rubber bracelet goes directly to help improve patients' quality of life.

Many people, knowing of his courage and wanting to support him, snapped up the live strong rubber bracelets ten at a time - even hundreds at a time. Since then, an outpouring of generosity from individuals and corporations has allowed Lance to continue helping others who are battling cancer in a more personal and immediate way.

Following Lance's success with the live strong bracelets, a number of other organizations now realize the value of the custom rubber bracelet as a simple symbol to inspire the giving nature of Americans. Among these are several breast cancer groups who wanted to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention with pink bracelets.

The pink breast cancer rubber bracelet is the result of a far-reaching educational and fund-raising vision, and has superseded the pink breast cancer ribbon in popularity. A pink breast cancer awareness bracelet was chosen because the color is healing and soothing; it's the quintessential feminine color.

Wholesale quantities of the pink rubber bracelet for breast cancer have been sold through local stores and on the Internet, raising large amounts of money to support breast cancer awareness and research.

Many other groups have also created a custom rubber bracelet as a powerful symbol with inspiring logos, in their own fund-raising efforts. For example, an evangelical Christian group dovetailed on Lance Armstrong's live strong bracelet idea by creating yellow silicone bracelets with the logo "Live Saved."

You may even see the "inspiring trend" among young people in school wearing an orange, green, blue, purple, yellow, pink or red rubber bracelet they bought to support the many local and national organizations which are selling them to raise funds for worthy causes.

The rubber bracelet allows us to support the cause of our choice as well as to express our concern for people who might be suffering. They are a reminder for us to live up to our potential as human beings.

Most encouragingly, the success of rubber bracelets is a testament to the ongoing generosity of the American people, and a step in the right direction for humanity.

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