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Safety Prescription Glasses

There are more than 1,000 eye injuries throughout the United States every day in the workplace.



Safety Prescription Glasses

by Steve Theunissen

There was a time, not too long ago, when safety prescription glasses for the home handyman were bulky, ugly affairs that were uncomfortable at best and down right annoying at worst. How glad we homely types can be that the world of safety prescription glasses has undergone a much needed facelift. In fact, safety prescription glasses are getting dangerously close to being cool. Not only are today’s safety prescription glasses as stylish as street glasses, they offer far more eye protection.

There are more than 1,000 eye injuries throughout the United States every day in the workplace. More than 300 of them result in some form of vision impairment. It is estimated that 90 % of those injuries could be avoided if the injured person was wearing safety prescription glasses. So, what are we meaning when we refer to safety prescription glasses?

Safety prescription glasses are not street glasses. With street glasses there is no side impact protection and only minimal front impact protection. Safety prescription glasses are specifically made for industrial or home carpentry use. They are thicker than street glasses and have side protection.

Resistance to impact is the main thing that sets safety prescription glasses apart from regular street glasses. The American National Standards Institute requires that all safety prescription glasses be able to withstand the impact of a quarter inch steel ball traveling 150 feet per second. To check whether the safety prescription glasses you’re considering purchasing meet stringent strength and heat requirements, check the frame for the “Z87” imprint. If it’s got it, you know you’re safety prescription glasses are top quality.

Now, as mentioned, safety prescription glasses used to come in a very limited range, today, however, safety prescription glasses come in a wide variety of inexpensive, wrap around styles that are stylish as well as functional. Many varieties of safety prescription glasses come with wrap around side shields that are detachable. Whip off the side shields and you won’t look out of place sauntering along the beach in your safety prescription glasses.

Although your safety prescription glasses are designed to protect your from sharp flying objects and debris, they will not be able to withstand repeated impact or abuse. Therefore, your safety prescription glasses should be inspected regularly for scratches, cracks and other signs of wear and tear. If you notice that your safety prescription glasses have cracks, scratches or they are bent out of shape, they should be replaced without delay.

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