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Ski Utah: Powdered Slopes, Downhill Action, and Crosscountry Beauty

If you love to ski, Utah has the slopes to provide the action and outdoor entertainment you so enthusiastically seek.


Ski Utah

by Trish Williams

Ski enthusiasts and high adventure travelers are boasting that Utah is one of the greatest places to visit. In order to ski Utah, and to properly get the most out of your travel plans, it’s important to organize your trip well.

If you want to ski, Utah offers some of the best destinations in the country. Many ski resorts are top of the line and high class all the way. The lodging, the slopes, the instructors and the scenery can’t be beat.

Ski Utah with a group

Singles, who want to meet other singles, or those wanting to travel in a group, enjoy ski packages that include a peer group. Ski Utah travel packages vary to include special packages for church groups, singles groups or other special interest groups looking for a great time on the slopes.

Oftentimes, ski Utah travel packages are all-inclusive and cover cost of lodging, day ski trips, and even food. This can be a great way to plan your ski trip because you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll be spending.

Ski Utah with family

If you’ve never been skiing before, or if you have but some of your family members never have, it’s important to choose a resort with beginner, intermediate and advanced skiing slopes to satisfy everyone in your family.

If you love to ski, Utah has the slopes to provide the action and outdoor entertainment you so enthusiastically seek. For those who aren’t so sure they want to ski, Utah offers beginner slopes and instructors to gently persuade people to give it a shot. Most people who ski Utah, fall in love with the experience and the resort where they first skied. It’s not uncommon to see travelers return to ski Utah’s many resort locations, especially those where they first lost their skiing virginity!

Selecting a resort to ski, Utah makes it tough

Let’s face it, in a state like Utah, the selection of resorts are great. If you want to ski, Utah has its share of great resorts just waiting for you and your family to visit. To select a resort right for you, again, be sure to check to see what sorts of slopes are available. Ask about ski times and frequencies. Price is important, as is the availability of ski instructors. You don’t want to stay in a resort that’s too big to handle your personal needs, nor do you want to stay in a resort that’s too small to accommodate your tastes and party.

After you ski, Utah has a lot for you to see!

Just like traveling to any location, you won’t be skiing 24 hours a day, so it’s important to make plans to see other wonderful things while you’re in Utah. Make plans to see historical sites, museums, and visit the city and small towns for shopping. Plan a hiking trip and if you can handle the cold, maybe even a winter camping trip. When you’re not on the slopes, you need to check out the sites. After you ski, Utah is waiting for you to discover its many wonders. Are you ready for the challenge?

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