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Small Business Business Schools: Choosing One from a Variety

When selecting from the numerous small business business schools across the country, it’s important to find one that fits your specific goals...



Small Business Business Schools

by Trish Williams

How to Select from a Variety of Small Business Business Schools

You’ve dreamed about it all your life. Now you’re ready to take the plunge and go back to school and learn more about working for yourself. You’ve been told you should check out small business business schools to obtain the education and know-how to be successful in all your business endeavors.

Small Business Business Schools – finding the right one for you

When selecting from the numerous small business business schools across the country, it’s important to find one that fits your specific goals, and if possible, a school that concentrates on subjects that have to do with the type of business you want to start. Small business business schools vary from institutions that provide a theory only curriculum, to schools that provide apprentices and internships in the field in which you hope to work.

Small business business schools are usually staffed by experts in small business theory. Most of the professors own their own business, work as CEOs, or hold other leadership positions in their field. Some have experience in banking and economics, while others are trained in business law or HR.

The key to finding the right school among all the small business business schools in your area is to spend time learning about the institution and what they offer. Find out about the curriculum. How many hours will be needed to provide a degree or certificate? Is the school certified? Are the classes theory-only or do they provide practical information on planning your business? Will you learn to write a business plan?

Small Business Business Schools Online

If you don’t have the extra time to attend classes, online studies might be the way to go. Online small business business schools allow you to learn at your own pace and only take the necessary courses you need. If you’re taking classes online from any of the small business business schools in your city, you can set up teleconferences when necessary or set up appointments to meet with professors as needed.

If you decide to register with one of the many online small business business schools, make sure you select one that is accredited. When you put it on your resume, bankers and other small business organizations that may be helping you out in the future, will feel better if they know you were trained in an accredited institution. For a partial list of accredited small business business schools.

Small Business Administration: Another Potential Avenue

If you already have a four year degree from a university and have been working for many years in the business world, maybe all you need is refresher courses from any of the small business business schools or just to talk to a representative from the Small Business Administration in your area. The SBA offers many materials and information to guide and direct small business owners on their new adventures. They will be able to suggest numerous small business business schools to choose from as well. The SBA can help you with obtaining financing, giving you tips on managing your business, and answer your legal questions about small business development. Be sure to check them out.


Trish Williams is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers across the country. She also works on web design, web content, graphics, promotions and copywriting.

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