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Small Dog Carrier: Best Transportation for Your Little Best Friend

You can buy a small dog carrier that is intentionally made to look like a designer handbag.




Small Dog Carrier

by Amara Rose

It can happen in the best of neighborhoods. One day you're happily pet-less. The next, you find yourself with a loveable Maltese. What you didn't realize is that your new neighbor is a small dog carrier.

No Cure for Puppy Love Except to Adopt A Dog of Your Own

You've been inoculated against smallpox and TB, but there is no shot to prevent the transmission of puppy love. One person adopts an adorable small dog, becomes a carrier, and soon everyone around is infected with the desire to have a small dog become part of their household. That's the primary small dog carrier symptom: an irresistible urge to find and claim the cutest little dog in the world for your own.

So, once you've been exposed to a small dog carrier, you might as well start picking out the accoutrements of dogdom. Otherwise you'll simply be dogged by longing for the licking, tail-wagging, four-footed furry friend you know you're destined to have.

Buy the Best Dog Food, Stock Up On Treats and Toys, Save Your Couch

You're going to need dog food. Buy the good stuff at the health food store, without additives and preservatives. Yes, it costs a little bit more, but this little bit you're feeding is depending on you to keep his coat thick and teeth strong. Speaking of which, buy milk bones and a dog brush.

You're also going to need a leash. Buy the retractable kind, so your small dog has room to roam while he adjusts to the new neighborhood. You probably want to stock up on treats and chew toys, too, or you'll shortly have no furniture to speak of.

And finally, there's the small dog carrier. The kind you put the dog into now that you've got him.

One Type of Small Dog Carrier Is Identical to a Baby Sling

Given your heart to a really small dog? Then you can hold him close to your heart in a small dog carrier that you wear like a baby sling. If your pup weighs twenty pounds or less and you've got a good back, this wearable carry bag is an ideal, hands-free pooch pouch—and can double as extra transport for your kitty or infant.

It's an Yves St. Laurent Handbag—No, It's a Pooch Pouch!

In fact, you can buy a small dog carrier that is intentionally made to look like a designer handbag. Place your Chihuahua in your smart-looking faux handbag, go out on the town with friends, pretend you're reaching for a lipstick, and astonish everyone when your hand emerges full of…puppy drool.

Make Sure The Small Dog Carrier You Buy Will Fly

Of course, you can still buy the regulation totes that people have been using to carry Yorkies, toy poodles, and other cat-sized dogs for years. Make sure whatever small dog carrier you buy is airline approved, however.

And please be considerate of people who do not yet have animal companions. Once you become a small dog carrier, they'll be as susceptible to puppy love as you were when you first adopted your coochie poochie poo.

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