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Small Dog Sweater: Where to Buy, or How to Make Your Own!

Small dog sweater kits can be purchased online or in craft stores.  Books and instructions on making a small dog sweater can even be downloaded. 


Small Dog Sweater

by Trish Williams

Having grown up with Chihuahuas, I know all about small dog sweater styles and needs. Chihuahuas and other small dogs shake a lot. Some people think these dogs are always cold and that’s why they shake so much, but the fact is, they shake even in the summertime. But for the winter, a small dog sweater is just what the dog doctor ordered.

My mom is into knitting and crocheting. As a result the three Chihuahuas always had doggy clothing available. When it came to making a small dog sweater, my mom used bright colors and yarn that was warm and cozy when patterned into a small dog sweater.

Each of the dogs had a small dog sweater. On sunny, but cold days, mom would dress them in their small dog sweater and hats – oh yes, she made them hats, too – and take them on their walks. You can imagine the laughter generated from those walking by wondering what these creatures were!

Mom would also clothe them in various tutu outfits and sunglasses for dog shows. As a matter of fact, a couple of the Chihuahuas won first place contests in for smallest dog and best costume! Mom has lots of medals and ribbons as proof.

Making your own small dog sweater

According to my mom, it’s easy to knit a small dog sweater. If your dog is small enough though, you can even buy doll clothes for it! Mom dressed our small dogs in colorful doll clothes, and made adjustments or added extra parts and décor.

Small dog sweater kits can be purchased online or in craft stores. Books and instructions on making a small dog sweater can even be downloaded. Some websites include directions on knitting your own small dog sweater. Such instructions can be found here:

Where to purchase a small dog sweater

Pet stores, craft stores, and retail outlets and online are great places where the purchase of a small dog sweater and other doggie clothing can be found. Be sure to measure your dog and know approximately what size you’re looking for. If you have sewing abilities, you can always adjust the small dog sweater if it’s slightly large.

Look for materials that are soft and fit your dog’s personality. Choose colors that you like and colors that won’t attract too much attention, if your dog doesn’t like people. My mom’s Chihuahuas were fierce little monsters with a thrill bark and sharp teeth. Still, when held in her arms all dressed up, they looked as sweet as babies. Many times they were mistaken as babies until people looked closely and were horrified at their ugly little Chihuahua faces. But when dressed in a small dog sweater, even Chihuahuas have a chance in a beauty contest.

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