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Snowshoe West Virginia: An Unforgettable Mountaintop Experience

A true winter vacationland Snowshoe, West Virginia has something for everyone.




Snowshoe West Virginia

by Dr. John Luton

“An unforgettable mountaintop experience”

Thinking about doing some skiing this winter? Then you’ll love what Snowshoe, West Virginia has to offer. More than just a great place for snow skiing, Snowshoe, West Virginia is a variety winter vacationland. But you don’t have to take my word for – check it out for yourself!

Snowshoe West Virginia ~ It’s more than a ski resort, but what a ski resort it is!

If you’re just aching to get away from the office, the factory, school – or whatever job responsibility that’s got you chained right now – you need to check out a place that just might very well be the premier resort of the east coast. Now I know that’s a pretty bold claim, but Snowshoe, West Virginia can back it up. While it’s true that the Snowshoe resort has something for every season, just check out what’s going on this winter.

A true winter vacationland ~ Snowshoe, West Virginia has something for everyone.

Okay, just imagine your arrival at the top of the mountain as you pull into the community of Snowshoe, West Virginia. For the past several moments your ears have been adjusting to the elevation because you’re almost a mile high!

You step out of your vehicle and pan the breathtaking vista that unfolds before you. Tall spruces and fir trees dot the snow-covered tops of West Virginia’s Alleghany mountains. You’ve heard that Snowshoe, West Virginia’s scenery would take your breath away, but you always thought it was just an expression. As you draw that first deep breath of clean, cool mountain air, you suddenly realize this place is for real. As you snap back into the moment, you become aware of joyful voices that seem to be coming from almost every direction. No matter where you follow those sounds, you’ll find people having fun.

Snowshoe, West Virginia has 57 slopes and trails. No mater what your skill level, you’ll find more than your share of magical, mountain peak experiences.

If you’re up for the tougher slopes, try Snowshoe’s Western Territory. But make sure you’re ready – this is not one for beginners. Even if you’re an avid skier, you might want to warm up on one of the “less bumpy” slopes, just until you get your snow legs. At the Snowshoe, West Virginia Ski Resort, there’s a terrain for every skill level and taste.

Snowshoe, West Virginia has 17 gourmet eateries that can handle any size appetite.

After a few hours of hitting the slopes, you’ll be ready to check out one (or more) of Snowshoe, West Virginia’s famous gourmet eateries. As with Snowshoes skiing, there’s something for everyone, no matter how much of an appetite you’ve worked up.

Cap off your day the Snowshoe, West Virginia way. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Then, after you’ve enjoyed your meal and sent the kids over to Ruckus Ridge for a little night skiing, maybe you’ll go back to the lodge and cuddle close to someone over a nice hot cup of whipped chocolate, unless you’d rather have coffee or cider. Either way, as you sip your hot drink and sit gazing into the crackling fire, allowing the flames to restore your warmth, you’ll begin to understand why so many people head to Snowshoe, West Virginia for an unforgettable, mountaintop experience.

This year, why not create a Snowshoe, West Virginia experience of your own?


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