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Spa Heaters

Spa Heaters are the main heart of your spa. This very hard working piece is hidden from sight.





Spa Heaters – Which is best for you?

by Laura Morgan

The spa heater is the main heart of your spa. This very hard working piece is hidden from sight, but the heat it exhumes, is what makes your spa the most enjoyable feature. Although the two most common types of spa heaters are gas and electric, there are four basic types to be used:

  • Fossil fuel (natural gas, propane, oil)
  • Electric (Emersion element heaters)
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar heating

Out of all the different types of spa heaters, a fossil fuel heater is best to use for the quickest heat time needed till you can enjoy a nice hot spa experience.

Many spa heaters are made to stay at the same temperature. Some offer a setting that allows you to pre-set a certain heat temperature and to turn on your spa at specific times that you would normally use it most. (For instance every evening at 5pm it turns itself on, so by the time you get home from work, it is already warm and inviting you in.)Many spas take a few hours to heat up, which makes using your spa less likely to be used if you have to wait 4 hours for it to heat up. Which type of spa heater you invest in can help decrease that time. Do your homework when purchasing spa heaters.

Why buy spa heaters if we would hardly use them?

Ok, enough of the technical stuff, let’s now talk about pleasure. You have had a horrible day at work, you want nothing more to come home, relax, and just sit to let go of the workday. It would be ten times easier to erase your bad day with a nice bottle of bubbly and enticingly warm Jacuzzi spa to melt away your problems, even if only for a few hours, or even 30 min.

What about entertaining? Have you ever been to a friend, or neighbor’s home that have a spa in their backyard? It was nice wasn’t it? You thought, I wish I could have a spa like them; if I did I would use it all the time. Remember, buying the correct spa heater is key to heat up time. Think about all the parties you could have entertaining others and with a spa in your backyard for your guests to dip into.

If you have teenagers and you’re worried about where they are, whom they are with, why they never bring their friends around the house, change all that by enticing them to bring the crowd home. They will be so impressed that their parents have a Jacuzzi, they will naturally invite their buddies over more often, and you will always know who their with, and where they are. An added comfort, for sure.

My parents have a spa in their backyard, and although I am only in my 30’s, a few years ago I had a back injury that has left me with flair ups during certain times of the year, or doing heavy lifting. Their spa was a godsend to my back when it was acting up. My parents also use their spa for their arthritis, and the uses are endless.

The moral of the story is doing your homework when you are looking for a spa heater. Shop around, ask questions and compare warranties. That is all you need to do to make a smart decision when it comes to buying spa heaters. Then you can reap in the rewards and comfort, knowing you have a spa at your disposal for any reason, any whim (romantic, candle setting in the evening with a spouse) Ahhhh, yes, life is good when you own your own spa.

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