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Toronto Acupuncture:
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in Toronto, Ontario


Fay-Meling von Moltke Pao, Hon. DHSc., B.Hsc., Hon. B.A., is a Practitioner of Oriental Medicine who practises out of the Toronto Centre for Acupuncture on 222 St. Patrick Street, in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

She graduated from a four-year degree programme in Acupuncture and TCM from the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences (recognized by NCCAOM). She has interned at the

Toronto Centre for Acupuncture, Mount Sinai Hospital and St. John's Rehabilitation Hospital where she specialized in the treatment of internal and external medical concerns, sports and repetitive strain injuries; chronic pain; and the treatment of burn, stroke, and amputee patients respectively.

Prior to her studies in Oriental Medicine, Fay-Meling completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Biomedical Ethics at the University of Toronto. While at the Michener Institute she received both the 2nd year and 4th year scholarships in Acupuncture and TCM. In addition to practising TCM, she is trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), to develop positive associations between mind and body for health.

Along with classical acupuncture techniques, she is certified in acupuncture physiatrics, a form of acupuncture that uses trigger points (based on the work of cardiologist, Dr. Janet Travell) and other musculoskeletal approaches to resolve physical stress and pain in the body.

In her practice, Fay-Meling utilizes painless yet effective acupuncture techniques and incorporates cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine, nutritional and diet therapy, NLP counselling, tui na (Chinese therapeutic massage), and qi gong where appropriate. Her aim is to educate medical professionals and the general public about Oriental medicine through lectures, writing, and the media; to advance the status of the profession in Canada and abroad; and to provide patients with an integrative form of medicine that utilizes the best of eastern and western medicine. As such, she is committed to working closely with other physicians and health care practitioners involved in an individual's care, and enabling the person's own healing abilities. Fay-Meling warmly welcomes all patients to her clinic.

As a writer for the Pulse and Michener 222 magazine, she has written several articles and has been interviewed by NOW magazine. Outside of her practice, she also coaches the University of Toronto Varsity Blues Nordic Ski Team.

For further information on Oriental medicine and health related issues, or to make an appointment please contact Fay-Meling at the following e-mail address:
meling (at) sympatico (dot) ca or visit her website at: www.acupao.com


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