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Trade Show Giveaway: Meet These 8 Essential Criteria to Sell

You want your trade show giveaway to be memorable, and to increase recognition.


Trade Show Giveaway

by Rachel Johnson

How to choose your trade show giveaway

When you walk around any trade show, you’ll collect a bag full of trade show giveaway items that are meant to promote specific items or businesses. Do any of these items do a good job promoting? Do you even know where each item came from? Before considering a trade show giveaway for your product or company, there are some questions you need to answer.

  1. What is it that you want to achieve with your trade show giveaway? You want your trade show giveaway to be memorable, and to increase recognition. Your giveaway should motivate people to get in touch with you at a later date.
  2. What will you give away? You need to decide what your purpose or objective is, and then it will be much easier to select a trade show giveaway.
  3. Who is your target audience? Knowing your purpose will help define whom your audience is, and if you’ve planned well your audience will find you easily. You also need to decide if all visitors will qualify for the giveaway, or if they will need to do something in order to receive the giveaway. Remember, your trade show giveaway is a reflection of your business, your purpose, and your audience.
  4. Does your giveaway compliment your marketing premise? If you want your giveaway to promote future sales, it’s a good idea to have your trade show giveaway compliment your marketing theme outside of the trade show setting. You want them to remember where they got the gift, and possibly come back for more.
  5. How can your giveaway promote future sales? You should think about attaching a coupon to the trade show giveaway so that interested parties will come again for a discount.
  6. How will you market the giveaway? Getting target audiences to come get your trade show giveaway is the purpose, so sending out a mailer or invitation to the giveaway would be a great idea! They can’t come if they don’t know you’re there!
  7. What’s your budget? You need to figure out what you can really spend on the trade show giveaway and still maintain the quality and quantity of the products you will need when you see an (hopefully) increase in sales.
  8. Measuring success? Keeping track of how successful your trade show giveaway was will determine if you do another giveaway in the future. Make sure you actually promoted sales, and made back what you spent on the exhibit promotions. Was it worth it? Should you do it again?

There are many great items manufactured just for your trade show giveaway. If you answer all of these questions honestly, choosing the perfect giveaway should be simple and it will be money well spent!

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