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University of Phoenix Online Degree Program


"The University of Phoenix online degree program has taken United States by storm!"




University of Phoenix Online Degree Program
by Dr. John Luton

The University of Phoenix Online Degree Program:

A Close Look at a Leader

The University of Phoenix online degree program has taken United States by storm! In fact, the University of Phoenix has been one of the “leading online universities in America” since 1976. But, does that claim really hold true, or – like some superlatives that are bandied about nowadays – is it more hype than substance?

Let’s take a closer look at the University of Phoenix online degree program and see a few reasons why more than 96% of University of Phoenix online students say they’re well satisfied with their distance education experience. After a look at the menu of degree offerings, you’ll also see why UP is indeed a leader in online education.

How many online degrees are presently offered by the University of Phoenix?

The University of Phoenix, with more than 140 campuses, is the nation’s largest private accredited university. However, it’s the University of Phoenix online degree program that has brought the school its well-earned acclaim as a leader in distance education. At the University of Phoenix, online degrees are available at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Degrees may be earned in the following five areas:

  • Business and Management (16 online degree programs)

B. S. degree programs (5): Accounting, Administration, e-business,

Management, Marketing

Master’s degree programs (9): Organizational management (M.A.), Business

Administration, MBA - Accounting, MBA - e-business, MBA – Global Management, MBA - Health Care Management, MBA - Human Resource Management, MBA - Marketing, MBA - Technology Management

Doctor’s degree programs (2): Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

  • Information Technology (3 online degree programs)

B. S. degree programs (1): Information Technology (BSIT)

Master’s degree programs (2): Master of Science in Computer Information Systems and MBA – Technology

Doctor’s degree programs (0)

  • Criminal Justice (1 online degree programs)

B. S. degree programs (1): Criminal Justice Administration

Master’s degree programs (0)

Doctor’s degree programs (0)

  • Education (7 degree programs; 18 continuing teacher education areas)

Bachelor’s degree programs (0)

M. A. in Education degree programs (6): Teacher Education for Elementary Licensure, Teacher Education for Secondary Licensure, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Technology, Administration and Supervision, Adult Education and Distance Learning

Doctor of Education degree programs (1): Educational Leadership

Continuing Teacher Education: Adolescent Psychology, Arizona Constitution, Assessment and Evaluation, Characteristics of Learning Disabilities, Characteristics of MR and Developmental Disabilities, Characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Characteristics of Physical and Health Disabilities, Classroom Management, Elementary Reading Methods, Inclusion Strategies for the Special Educator, Instructional Methods and Techniques of ESL, Methods of Bilingual Education, Orientation to the Exceptional Learner, Secondary Reading Methods, Teaching Students with Gifts or Talents, Teaching with the Internet, Technology Integration in P – 12 Curriculum, United States Constitution

  • Nursing and Heath Care (5 degree programs, including 1 joint degree)

B. S. degree programs (2): B. S. in Nursing, B. S. in Health Care Services

Master’s degree programs (3): M. S. in Nursing, M. S. in Nursing/ MBA in

Health Care Management (joint degree)

All together, there are 32 University of Phoenix online degree programs and an additional 18 continuing education programs. Which one is right for you?

If you’d like to earn a degree in any of these areas, or if you want more information, please visit the University of Phoenix Online Web site at:

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Growing up in northeastern North Carolina, John Luton marveled as his father told stories about his childhood and World War II adventures. Bluebird in Belgium relates those wonderful stories.

Dr. Luton teaches world literature and mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. The Lutons have three grown children.

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