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Unusual Romantic Gift Ideas: Memorable Gifts for Magic Moments

If you can come up with a unusual romantic gift idea, you will contribute to making that moment memorable. Any you might even get “lucky.”





Unusual Romantic Gift Ideas

by Laura Morgan

Everyone wants to be remembered for their originality, and especially so, when your trying to do something romantic for the one you love. If you can come up with a unusual romantic gift idea, you will contribute to making that moment memorable. In this article I will list a few unusual romantic gift ideas for you to choose from.

What makes the gift a unusual romantic gift?

Is it the gift? Or is it the thought that counts? Well, both actually, it does take a certain amount of effort in trying to come up with an unusual romantic gift that stands out from all the others. But with a little creativity, and imagination, I am sure you could come up with something awesome.

If your loved one is into a particular thing, such as Teddy Bears, try having a teddy bear holding a fortune cookie that says a love message on it, such as “will you marry me?” or, “Diane, I love you Beary much, will you be my valentine?” An unusual romantic gift is just as much from the heart as it is creative. The more you know your spouse, the easier the gift ideas will come to you.

If you two just found out your expecting, give your spouse the pregnant keychain or daddy’s tool belt full of baby items to have on his hip when the little one arrives. Are you getting the idea here? Think original, think I love you, and think of how you want to show it. Here are a few more unusual romantic gift ideas:

Unusual Romantic Gift Idea: For Valentines, or an Anniversary try getting a romance game, or a wickedly sensual scratch off cards, or “get lucky” dice that have “romantic tasks” on them, each roll has a new combination of ideas or instructions for a great unusual romantic gift idea.

Unusual Romantic Gift Idea: Create a scavenger hunt in your home, that leads to your bedroom, or dinner set up in the backyard by candlelight.

Unusual Romantic Gift Idea: Here is a truly original idea, a Bean plant full of love. Yep, you heard me right, a plant that grown in real soil and when the bean emerges it says “I love you” on it. Now THAT, is different and a truly unusual romantic gift.

Unusual Romantic Gift: Name a star after the one you love. They could never forget that. Every time the glance at the moon and the stars daydreaming of you, they have to think of you and your gesture.

Unusual Romantic Gift: Tell her she is a sex bomb, with a little candle bomb that says “ Your Hot! Or “ You make me explode!”

Unusual Romantic Gift: Jump Me Checkers Game….
For Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter, play a game of checkers and end up with a night of romance… you will be lucky if you actually find out who the winner is of the game. Suddenly the request to "king me" takes on a whole new dynamic.


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